A requests update sounds a good idea (I see it's now up to 2.2.1 btw)

Looks as though the only API changes that could cause a problem are

1. DIfferent exceptions thrown in some situations
2. Specifying a proxy now requires the scheme


The other API changes are new methods.

I don't think a new module name is required, but either way it would be nice to have an update available.

On 21 January 2014 14:05, Benjamin Bertrand <beenje@xboxmediacenter.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I got a pull request to update script.module.requests to v2.2.0.

Current version is 1.1.0.
There are a few API changes when migrating to 2.x... But they are quite limited.
They probably don't impact most plugins (but I haven't checked).

So the question is, would the devs using requests prefer:
1. An update of the current requests module to 2.2.0. All devs have to
check if changes are needed to their plugins.
2. Creation of a new module script.module.requests2.

Thanks for the feedback.


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