added with 2 changes 
1. author in addon.xml needs to be you as well
2. header of cant have "Copyright (C) 2010 Team XBMC"

please see if you can get onto IRC channel #icecast ( ) and discuss with the icecast guys if they could provide you with what you need in terms of search or better genre handling.

I had a chat with them before Christmas and they were very keen on us using their service, so you wont have any issues there.

thanks a lot  for your contribution,

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 4:33 AM, Assen Totin <> wrote:
*addon -
*version - 0.0.5
*url - svn://
*revision - 10
*branch - TRUNK
*xbmc version - dharma, eden-pre

Changes since 0.0.4:

- Modified parts of the code to make it more cross-platform as
suggested by Zeljko Ametovic.
- Fixed the "author" string, added "credits" (didn't have exact idea
what is the policy here - if needs further changes, please, let me
- Fixed info labels so that bitrates are now displayed for each
stream, also sorting by bitrate is now available (thanks Zeljko for
point out a wrong label!). Added a regexp to filter out wrong entries
which have non-digits in the bitrate XML field.
- In the genres list added number of streams for each genre (there
might be a slightly better way to display it, needs considering), also
sorting by number of streams is now available.


Assen Totin

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