Hi folks,

I've got a new plug-in almost ready to go - it's a video add-on that allows paid members of Whiskey Media to stream videos to their XBMC device. I've taken testing as far as I can on my single device and now need to see if it works on others. A couple of testers I'm working with are indicating that an error occurs when the add-on is selected from the list of add-ons in XBMC, but they're not technically savvy enough to get me details from the XBMC logfile. Would anyone here mind spending a few minutes installing my plug-in and seeing what that error is?

Add-on: plugin.video.whiskeymedia
Version: 1.0
URL: https://github.com/yllus/Whiskey-Media-Videos-On-XBMC.git (or see https://github.com/yllus/Whiskey-Media-Videos-On-XBMC/tree/release and hit the Downloads link)
Branch: release
XBMC Version: dharma

The complicating factor is that a paid account is required to get all the way through testing of the plug-in, but I'll be happy enough for the moment just to debug the issue with getting past the first screen. Thanks!

Sully Syed