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libcdio Log

Commit Date  
[f24ea4] by rocky rocky

Lex/Flex cdrdao TOC scanner

2005-10-27 11:20:21 Tree
[9f8fe7] by rocky rocky

grammar missing optional msf for START and END.

2005-02-01 03:35:12 Tree
[966453] by rocky rocky

First attempt at Bison TOC parser.

2005-01-31 10:20:51 Tree
[a3015a] by rocky rocky

Add simple regression testing driver.

2003-07-12 00:26:07 Tree
[63a645] by rocky rocky

Closer to having WIN32 CD-ROM support

2003-05-27 02:55:58 Tree
[8b2219] by rocky rocky

Bug in eject: need to close internal file descriptor before ejecting.
eject interface now nulls cdio pointer after a sucessful eject.

2003-05-16 07:18:27 Tree
[9a7cf3] by rocky rocky

Towards CUE parser via flex/bison.

2003-05-11 03:29:25 Tree