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[ec577b] by rocky rocky


2006-03-28 14:11:56 Tree
[424a19] by rocky rocky

Remove SuSE spec - it is not likely to be very general purpose. It is
also not the real one which needs to be modified for each version and
vcdimager/libcdio/libcddb collection and undergoes Language
translation outside of the spec file.

2005-02-05 13:24:06 Tree
[e7edc1] by rocky rocky

Move package config files back to root of source tree.

2005-01-25 03:55:38 Tree
[4f1e9d] by rocky rocky

SuSE spec file from Stanislav Brabec

2005-01-25 02:13:47 Tree
[c51954] by rocky rocky

Add package directory for various package files.

paranoia2.c: comment typo

2005-01-25 02:00:19 Tree