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[9cd49d] by rocky rocky

Patches from Steve Schultz to handle libiconv inclusion on BSDI (and
possibly other BSD's)

2006-08-20 23:50:16 Tree
[bb7a52] by rocky rocky

Yet another guess at what happened to the CDROMREADTOCENTRY ioctl
call. I haven't been able to find anything that documents in any
detail how to use this ioctl let alone the weird behavior where
CDROMREADTOC header beforehand turns and "invalid parameter" into a
valid one. It's not the way other 'nix's work.

2006-08-02 11:00:31 Tree
[ac887b] by rocky rocky

Take out some checks until daylight savings time thing is resolved.

2006-07-30 14:10:16 Tree
[6a7e4c] by rocky rocky

gnu_linux: get_disc_last_lsn: cdte_format seems to want to be CDROM_MSF
example/tracks.c: add a call to cdio_get_disc_last_lsn()
NEWS - note UDF limitation. correct spelling typo.

2006-07-30 13:19:49 Tree
[ad9d1f] by gmerlin gmerlin

* Updated NEWS

2006-06-12 22:51:26 Tree
[5e4307] by gmerlin gmerlin

* UTF-8 support

2006-06-03 15:35:49 Tree
[e06f49] by rocky rocky

C lint.

2006-06-03 00:05:57 Tree
[7a2886] by rocky rocky

Add our own version of copying.gpl rather than rely on FSF's to be unchanging.

2006-06-03 00:04:54 Tree
[511c0b] by gmerlin gmerlin

* UTF-8 support patch

2006-06-02 21:54:21 Tree
[5d3ef6] by rocky rocky

Add missing field in SVD structure. Document correspondencies with ECMA 119

2006-05-06 16:08:06 Tree
[fcabaf] by rocky rocky

Note what nsectors does.

2006-05-03 00:29:40 Tree
[7b1428] by rocky rocky

gcc 2.9 fix remove ;; - thanks to sms

2006-04-28 16:38:23 Tree
[75107b] by rocky rocky

Remove API overhaul.

2006-04-17 13:24:56 Tree
[4d2b51] by rocky rocky

Add UDF 1.02 image and use that in the default file-extraction test.

2006-04-17 11:45:22 Tree
[dfe7ad] by rocky rocky

udf2.c becomes the more general udffile.c

2006-04-17 03:37:58 Tree
[e7e73c] by rocky rocky

UDF file reading works for strategy 4. What a pain in the ass.

2006-04-17 03:32:38 Tree
[8a9128] by rocky rocky

Remove some bugs in udf_file.c Others remain.

2006-04-16 02:34:08 Tree
[f4438d] by rocky rocky


2006-04-15 16:18:33 Tree
[3ccf07] by rocky rocky


2006-04-15 16:16:05 Tree
[344675] by rocky rocky


2006-04-15 16:13:51 Tree
[eaab95] by rocky rocky

iso1->isolist iso2->isofile2 iso3->isofile

2006-04-15 16:12:51 Tree
[b11191] by rocky rocky

iso1->isolist iso2->isofile2 iso3->isofile

2006-04-15 15:47:05 Tree
[c3e6be] by rocky rocky

iso1.c->isolist.c iso2.c -> isofile2.c iso3.c -> isofile.c

2006-04-15 15:45:25 Tree
[32bc92] by rocky rocky

Proposed 2006 Summer of Code tasks

2006-04-15 09:19:03 Tree
[22608b] by rocky rocky

stream: add getpos routine
udf: save last read position.

2006-04-15 03:05:14 Tree
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