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[62a7cd] by rocky rocky

A couple of flawfinder errors. Use sizeof instead of strlen. Fold
strncat into preceding snprintf.

2005-06-07 23:40:53 Tree
[28fee5] by rocky rocky

Now in 0.75cvs land.

2005-05-16 08:12:40 Tree
[7ba5ba] by rocky rocky

Bug in getting CD-Text make sure TOC is read before trying to get
CD-Text info. Problem reported by Christian Moser.

2005-05-16 08:11:31 Tree
[9f2bbc] by rocky rocky

Remove warning that this may be uninitialized.

2005-05-13 21:34:57 Tree
[cae46c] by rocky rocky

It's Friday the 13th!

2005-05-13 20:35:16 Tree
[8df6fb] by rocky rocky

Get ready for 0.74 Release.

2005-05-13 20:34:14 Tree
[afa901] by rocky rocky

Heiner reports that FreeBSD's passopen() and xptopen() don't allow
nonblocking access so O_NONBLOCK might do harm. But it's just a guess
pending what others discover/report.

2005-05-09 23:19:40 Tree
[adeb8a] by rocky rocky

Add O_NONBLOCK on sms's recommendation

2005-05-09 01:06:39 Tree
[5fdd22] by rocky rocky

Hopefully a better error message on a transport failed.

2005-05-08 10:10:18 Tree
[2235d7] by rocky rocky

cdio_generic_init interface parameter added. Noticed by Heiner.

2005-05-08 09:58:33 Tree
[37d1f2] by rocky rocky

Add Burkhard Plaum

2005-05-08 09:51:35 Tree
[f7984b] by rocky rocky

What's up with 0.74
Add dates of releases and CVS ID line.

2005-05-08 09:35:05 Tree
[bb0434] by rocky rocky

Was converting in the wrong direction.

2005-05-07 22:37:15 Tree
[c712ca] by rocky rocky

One more small change.

2005-04-30 10:05:11 Tree
[fed550] by rocky rocky

Try again.

2005-04-30 10:02:15 Tree
[909937] by rocky rocky

Show MMC level for single drive queries too.

2005-04-30 09:52:17 Tree
[929770] by rocky rocky

Add routine to report MMC capabilities of a drive. Add that to the
cd-drive program.

2005-04-30 09:42:37 Tree
[5a515d] by rocky rocky

Simplify endian determination - thanks to suggestions of Steve Schultz

Remove recently added field is_scsi which isn't in cdparanoia

2005-04-30 07:15:51 Tree
[8271c5] by rocky rocky

Comment typo.

2005-04-30 02:04:29 Tree
[d1f56b] by rocky rocky

We really should be in 0.74cvs by now.

2005-04-28 01:44:32 Tree
[54e0e9] by rocky rocky

An ATAPI drive (_NEC , DVD_RW ND-3520A, 1.04, SCSI CD-ROM) was getting
set as big endian although it appeared not to, possibly because of
SCSI emulation.

We now test for SCSIness in addition to ATAPIness as both can occur.

Added field in cdrom_device structure for SCSIness and that's tested
before unconditionally setting drive bigendian-ness.

2005-04-28 01:25:53 Tree
[5b0aec] by rocky rocky

glossary.texi: CDTEXT -> CD Text
util.h: allow getting larger sector count sizes. CD's new 900MB could exceed

2005-04-27 23:31:47 Tree
[adc141] by rocky rocky

From Burkhard Plaum:

1. Fix a crash, which happened when cdtext_get() was called for an emtp=
(i.e. NULL) field.

2. Add another function cdtext_get_const(), which returns a const point=
and avoids too much strcpying (apps may want only to TEST if a
field is present or have their own string management routines).

2005-04-25 23:06:21 Tree
[320c9b] by rocky rocky

Patch from Burkhard Plaum:

1. In the function is_cdrom_linux(...) in the file lib/driver/gnu_linux.c,
the CDROMREADTOCHDR ioctl gets called, which fails when the drive is
empty. The CDROM_GET_CAPABILITY ioctl always succeeds for CDrom drives
and fails for hard disks etc.

2. For some reason, at least my (GNU/Linux 2.6.10) Kernel fails to
open empty drives, when only O_RDONLY is used. Changing the open flag to
O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK, the call succeeds also for emtpy drives.
By the way, the cdrom header file in the kernel says explicitely,
that O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK should used whenever a cdrom is touched.

rocky: also made a change to eject to continue even if we can't get
the drive status -- which we can't with an empty CD-ROM drive.

2005-04-23 01:16:19 Tree
[15ddfd] by rocky rocky

Another autoconf bug. I hate autoconf.

2005-04-22 03:26:50 Tree
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