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 lib 2004-02-12 rocky rocky [f55aea] code reorganization from Nicolas Boullis.
 misc 2003-04-29 rocky rocky [ffa410] Gentoo ebuild file courtesy of Kris Verbeeck <k...
 parse 2003-07-12 rocky rocky [a3015a] Add simple regression testing driver.
 src 2004-02-21 rocky rocky [88422b] Add option to list all drives.
 test 2004-01-10 rocky rocky [c4c6d1] Sample ISO 9660 image.
 .cvsignore 2003-08-17 rocky rocky [82d792] Add iso9660 library and regression test.
 AUTHORS 2003-03-24 rocky rocky [d4d829] Initial revision 2003-11-09 rocky rocky [fb0820] Add doxygen target.
 NEWS 2004-02-21 rocky rocky [b46241] typo.
 README 2003-04-19 rocky rocky [68b085] Update to include CDDB information and note thi...
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 TODO 2003-05-18 rocky rocky [762925] *** empty log message *** 2003-08-31 rocky rocky [6f4830] Minor changes. 2004-02-08 rocky rocky [405db3] Get ready for another release.
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 cvs2cl_usermap 2004-02-21 rocky rocky [dde60a] account to email mapping file for cvs2cl. 2003-05-17 rocky rocky [f3dcfe] We don't really use glib-2.0 for now. BSDI test... 2004-02-15 rocky rocky [faa8b6] Correctons from Manfred Tremmel who I am yet ag... 2003-08-17 rocky rocky [dcaa75] Remove dependence on vcd. We also don't use gli...
 libpopt.m4 2004-01-15 hvr hvr [df04ad] fixed underquoted definition warning

Read Me

This library is to encapsulate CD-ROM reading and
control. Applications wishing to be oblivious of the OS- and
device-dependant properties of a CD-ROM can use this library.

Some support for disk image types like BIN/CUE and NRG is available,
so applications that use this library also have the ability to read
disc images as though they were CD's.

Immediate uses are VCDImager, a navigation-capable Video CD plugin
and CD-DA plugin for the media player xine.

A sample utility, cdinfo, is included which displayings CD info. 

If libcddb ( is available, the cdinfo
program will display CDDB matches on CD-DA discs.

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