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[379612] by rocky rocky

Remove email addresses -- spammers are winning

2006-03-14 12:16:24 Tree
[ad5a0e] by rocky rocky

Add flameeyes

2006-03-14 12:14:26 Tree
[2cb388] by rocky rocky

Update library version numbers for possible release. FSF address change.

2006-03-14 12:05:16 Tree
[62386a] by rocky rocky

iso9660.h: note b_mode2 parameter is not used any more
FSF address change.

2006-03-14 11:40:05 Tree
[509aaf] by rocky rocky

comment change - 0x2->FLAGS_UNREAD

2006-03-13 02:08:14 Tree
[dcb65e] by rocky rocky

Try p_cdio as protected.

2006-03-11 04:15:35 Tree
[ae3a59] by rocky rocky

Put back cdio_stat_size tolerance.

2006-03-07 23:54:43 Tree
[926254] by rocky rocky


2006-03-07 21:03:28 Tree
[2c2245] by rocky rocky

Go back to inlining various functions because older STL's can't handle
not having the bodies. (I think this is what's going on, but I'm not
completely sure. Deals with failure on older BSDI and gcc 2.95 server)

2006-03-07 20:54:22 Tree
[b98683] by rocky rocky

Code for Cdio::Devices Class

2006-03-07 20:01:26 Tree
[bc47dc] by rocky rocky


2006-03-07 19:56:15 Tree
[29d414] by rocky rocky

Change list of files from a list to a vector. read_pvd() for
ISO9660::FS works. iso4.cpp: show ISO 9660 info for CD-images (like
iso1 for ISO images).

2006-03-07 19:55:11 Tree
[6001f4] by rocky rocky

*** empty log message ***

2006-03-07 11:19:49 Tree
[2350ea] by rocky rocky

Don't do library versioning if there no object files to look at. This
removes spurious "nm: no a.out" messages when --disable-shared is in effect.

2006-03-07 11:19:12 Tree
[67d4aa] by rocky rocky

Move code from devices.hpp and iso9660.hpp headers into external files -
cdio.cpp, device.cpp, iso9660.cpp, C++/OO/ Found some bugs libraries acces in doing the
above move.

2006-03-07 10:46:36 Tree
[577774] by rocky rocky set @srcdir@. Make gcc 2.95 compatible.

2006-03-07 02:38:44 Tree
[2977ab] by rocky rocky

Have to have iso9660_find_fs_lsn linker symbol around. (At least for now.)

2006-03-07 00:06:19 Tree
[6ed9b4] by rocky rocky

Distribute pkg-config files. Add iso9600.hpp to distribution.

2006-03-06 22:34:13 Tree
[789f24] by rocky rocky

Cosmetic changes.

2006-03-06 22:15:35 Tree
[7a3ded] by rocky rocky

Add ISO9660::FS - the cdio portion of ISO9660 reading.
iso9600.h: another function rename to be more consistent.

2006-03-06 21:54:56 Tree
[42b0b8] by rocky rocky

iso9660.hpp, iso1.cpp get list iterators working.

rest: add _ to isachar and isadchar

2006-03-06 19:39:35 Tree
[b6da64] by rocky rocky

Start OO iso1.cpp.
iso3.cpp: valgrind lint.
iso1.cpp: tidy more.

2006-03-06 04:48:37 Tree
[5e2d4f] by rocky rocky

Get first libiso9660++ OO program (iso3) working.

2006-03-06 01:34:22 Tree
[129e14] by rocky rocky

Add more C++ ISO 9660 methods and some classes (for C structs).

2006-03-05 08:31:03 Tree
[66d6e0] by rocky rocky

lib/cdio++/ iso9660.hpp iso9660_stub.cpp: start C++ libiso9660 library
iso9660.h: documentation changes.
device.hpp: reduce number of methods


2006-03-05 06:52:15 Tree
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