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$Id: NEWS,v 1.114 2008/01/05 12:12:52 rocky Exp $

version 0.80
- Add get_media_changed for FreeBSD
- Savannah bug #21910

version 0.79

- iso-read: Add --ignore -k to ignore errors. 

- Fix Savannah Bugs #18522, #18563, #18131 #19221 (possibly), #19880,
  #21147 and other miscelleaneous bugs and memory leaks

- cd-info: force CDDB disc id to be 32-bits. Problem reported 
           by Eric Shattow.
- cd-paranoia: allow ripping before the first track. Problem reported 
               by Eric Shattow.
- Support for multisession CD-Extra Discs - via of Patrick Guimond

- Add iso9660_fs_find_lsn_with_path and iso9660_ifs_find_lsn_with_path
  to report the full filename path of lsn.

- improve eject code for OSX

version 0.78.2
- preprocessor symbol LIBCDIO_VERSION number has to be an integer.
  (Bug caused by naming version 0.78.1)

version 0.78.1

- Fix bug in libcdio.so version numbering. Also another small bug.
  Thanks to Janos Farkas 

version 0.78
- add mmc-tool
- add mmc-close-tray
- libudf: can now read (extract) file data, at least for ICB strategy 
          type 4.
- libcdio is starting to get updated for UTF-8 support. Strings,
  which are guaranteed to be in UTF-8, are returned as a new type
  cdio_utf8_t, which is typedef'd to char.
- fixes to eject. On GNU/Linux we unmount filesystems first.
version 0.77

- Add an object-oriented C++ wrapper. (libcdio++ and libiso9660++)

- replace libpopt with getopt in cd-drive, cd-info, iso-info, iso-read
  (Peter J. Creath)

- Document cd-paranoia (Peter J. Creath)

- Add cdio_eject_media_drive().

- Add more generic read_sectors() 

- Document that NULL also uses default drive in close_tray, cdio_open
  and cdio_open_am. Document b_mode2 paramenter not used in cdio ISO

- Some provision for handling Rock-Ridge device numbers.

- block read routines return success if asked to read 0 blocks.

- Start UDF handling

- increase use of enumerations more and decrease use of #defines

- OS Support: 
    DragonFly recognized as FreeBSD, 
    MinGW better tolerated,
    GNU/Linux (and others?) LARGEFILE support
    OpenBSD tested (no native CD driver though)

- Doxygen formatting improvements.

- Misc bugs: 
  * fixed bincue driver caused core dump on set_speed and 
    set_blocksize; it also called the wrong routine (from NRG) to get a
    list of cd-images. 
  * read.h didn't make sure off_t was defined. 
  * fixed bug in is_device() when driver_id = DRIVER_UNKNOWN or DRIVER_DEVICE.
  * OSX was freeing too much in listing drives. 
  * get_hwinfo was not respecting fixed-length field boundaries in 
    image drivers (strcpy->strncpy).
  * A number ISO 9660 time conversion routines corrected with respect to
    various timezone offsets, daylight savings time, and tm capabilities

- small cdda-player improvements - shows more CD-TEXT, and fix bug in
  non-interactive use (Yes, I sometimes use it.)

- NRG checking parses file. string tests were invalid on short < 4
  character filenames.

- Revise and improve example programs

- Security: replace all uses of strcat and strcpy with strncat and strncpy

version 0.76

- Better compatibility with C++

- a better eject routine for FreeBSD

- Fix bug in not specifying a device name in libcio_cdda

- Add S_ISSOCK() or S_ISLNK() macros for Rock-Ridge when environment
  doesn't have it, e.g. MSYS 1.0.10 with MinGW 3.4.2.

- Allow building cd-paranoia if Perl is not installed.

- More accurate library dependency tracking in linking and pkg-config 

- Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

- cdio/cdda.h headers no longer depends on cdio/paranoia.h but vice versa
  is true. This may require an #include <cdio/cdda.h> in some applications that
  used <cdio/paranoia.h> but didn't include it.

version 0.75

- audio volume level fix on Microsoft Windows 
- fix build when --enable-shared, --disable-static
- CD-Text retrieval fix
- allow the MMC timeout to be adjusted by the application
- cd-paranoia: Add option --mmc-timeout (-m) to set MMC timeout. 
  We now check that integer arguments are integers and are within
- changes for libcddb 1.1.0 API change
- remove gcc 4.0 warnings
- miscellaneous small bug fixes, removal of questionable idioms or 
  memory leak fixes

version 0.74

- cd-paranoia fixes 
- cdda-player fixes
- cd-drive shows MMC level
- CD Text improvements/fixes
- eject of empty CD-ROM drives on GNU/Linux
- FreeBSD audio sub-channel time reporting fixed

version 0.73

- Rock Ridge Extension support added
- CD audio support (play track/index, pause, set volume, read audio subchannel)
- add close tray interface (may need more work on more OSes)
- utility cdda-player to (show off audio audio support) added
- file time/size attributes fixes
- cd-info/iso-info show more ls-like attributes and more often
- ISO 9660 more accurate more often
- Add ability to look for ISO 9660 filesystem in unknown Disc image formats
- Add routine for getting ISO 9660 long date; short date fixes
- remove even more memory leaks
- Add enumerations and symbols to facilitate debugging
- Break out C++ example programs into a separate directory. More C++ programs.
- gcc 4 fixes

version 0.72

- cdparanoia included -  with regression tests and sample library programs
- added setting/getting CD speed, finding the track containing an LSN.
- improve cdrdao image reading
- iso-info options more like cdrtools isoinfo.
- cd-drive/cd-info show more reading capabilities and show that.
- cd-info now shows the total disc size.
- Filesystem reorganization to better support growth and paranoia inclusion
- FreeBSD 6 tolerated, CAM audio read mode works.
- improve Win32 driver, e.g. audio read mode works better for ioctl.
- mode detection fixes
- all read routines check and adjust the LSN so we don't try to access
  beyond the end of the disc
- C++ fixes
- Update documentation

version 0.71

- Some Joliet support.
- Portability fixes for C++ and older C compilers. 
- Work towards XBOX support.
- TOC for DVD's works more often
- Make generic list routines and declarations and byte swapping
  routines public. Eventually everything will use glib.
- list-returning routines like iso9660_fs_readdir and
  iso9660_ifs_readdir no longer return void * (and require casting)
  but return the correct type.
- Some example programs have been renamed to more give meaningful
- Add iso9660_ifs_is_xa() a routine to determine if an iso image has
  XA attributes.
- iso-info now shows XA attributes if that is available. 
- Some bug fixes

version 0.70

- SCSI MMC interface routine (all except Darwin)
- CD-Text support (all except Darwin)
- Distinguish DVD's from CD's
- Code clean-ups and reduced code duplication
- Better CUE parsing 
- Reporting drive capability is more accurate 
- add constant driver_id for kind of hardware driver in build
- new drive scanning routines which pass back driver as well 
  as drive string. Speeds up subsequent opens.

version 0.69

- Add interface returning drive capabilities (cdio_get_drive_cap).
- Minimal cdrdao image reading (thanks to Svend S. Sorensen)
- Some important (I think) bug fixes
- Redo types of LSN and LBA to allow negative values. Should model MMC3
  specs. Add max/min values for LSN.
- More complete MMC command set
- FreeBSD driver ioctl and CAM reading works better (thanks to Heiner)
- OSX drive reading works better (thanks to Justin F. Hallett)
- cd-read allows dumping bytes to stdout and hexdumps to a file
  via options --no-hexdump and --hexdump
- fewer error exits in drivers. Instead, a failure code is returned.
- better NRG reading (thanks to Michael Kukat via extractnrg.pl)
- better tracking of allocated variables (cd-read, cd-info, FreeBSD)
- iso9660: Add interface to read PVD and pick out some of the fields in that.
  cd-info now shows more PVD info for ISO 9660 filesystems
- cd-info: X-Box CD detection (via xbox team mediacenter)

version 0.68

- More honest about mode1 reading in backends. Remove some of the bogusness.
- Fixes and simplifications to Solaris (from Ian MacIntosh): no longer
  requires root access on Sunray environments
- Win32 ioctl works now on win2k and XP (and probably NT and ME) 
- compiles on cygwin with -mno-cygwin (needed for videolan's vlc)
- option --with-versioned-libs now checks for GNU ld.

version 0.67

-  portability for ARM
- add iso-read program and regression tests
- libiso9960: stat routines that match level 1 ISO-9600 filenames
  translating them into Unix-style names (i.e. lowercase letters, 
  with version numbers dropped.)
- expand/improve documentation.
- more graceful exits when there is no CD or can't read it.
- add --without-versioned-libs 
- add README.libcdio and note possible problems on different OSs
  without GNU make

version 0.66

-  Add interface for reading an ISO-9660 image
-  portability fixes (Solaris, cygwin)
-  Microsoft Windows ASPI/ DeviceIoControl code reorganization
-  NRG image reading improvements 
-  Remove memory leaks
-  library symbol versioning (from Nicolas Boullis)
-  Go over documentation

version 0.65

-  tag headers to give doxygen API documentation
-  cd-info/cd-read now can specify library level of output
-  sample program using libiso9660 added.

version 0.64

-  add routines to return a list of devices or scan a list of devices
   which satisfy any/all things in a capability mask. Should be useful
   for plugins that want to find a CD-DA to play or find a plugin that handles
   a particular device. 
-  cd-read: new program to help diagnose reading problems.
-  cd-info: now displays date on iso9660 listing and translates filename 
   to normal conventions, gives track "green" info
-  Add/expose routines to get/set time. time is reported back in entry
   stat. Routines to create ISO-9660 directories and entries must now
   supply the time to set on the entry.
-  Darwin and FreeBSD drivers closer to having native CD support, MinGW
   fixes (but not complete either)
-  BSDI fixes
-  Document more functions.

version 0.63

-  create libiso9660 library and install that.
-  More sample programs.
-  add library routine cdio_guess_cd_type to analyze/guess what type of 
   CD or CD image we've got.
-  cd-info can list the files of a ISO-9660 filesystem via libiso9660 
   with option --iso9660

version 0.62

-  Some minimal documentation. More will follow.
-  Add a simple sample programs.
-  Add a simple regression test driver.
-  "Smart" open was scanning devices rather than devices + image drivers.

version 0.61

-   Cygwin/MinGW port.
-   get-default-device reworked to be smarter about finding devices.
-   cd-info: add --no-headers. version ID is from package now. Show default
            device on "--version" output.
-   API: add routine report if string refers to a device or not
-   Make use of features in libcddb 0.9.4.

version 0.6

-   Bug: eject wouldn't.
-   If given .bin find corresponding .cue. If no cue, complain.

version 0.5

-  Add RPM spec file. Thanks to Manfred Tremmel <Manfred.Tremmel@iiv.de>
-  cdinfo renamed to cd-info to avoid conflicts with other existing programs
-  bug in ejecting CD's fixed
-  find cue file if given bin. 
-  cd-info: If libvcdinfo is installed show general Video CD properties   

version 0.4

-  More regression tests. 
-  Use pkg-config(1) support
-  NRG may be closer to being correct.

version 0.3 

-  reduced overall size of package. Some regression moved to a separate (large)
-  facilitate inclusion into another project's local source tree (e.g. xine)
-  version number in include
-  cdinfo: lists number of CDDB matches, display error message on failure,
   and can set CDDB port and http proxy
-  Bug: Narrow drivers to devices when source is a device.
-  fix some small compile warnings and configure bugs. Require libcddb 0.9.0 
   or greater.

version 0.2 

-  Added Support for reading audio sectors
-  cdinfo can use libcddb (http://libcddb.sourceforge.net). If installed and
   we have a CD-DA disk, we dump out CDDB information. 
-  Regression tests added. 
-  Don't need to open device to give get a default device.
-  Better device driver selection: We test for file/device-ness. 
-  Bugs fixed (default device name on GNU/Linux), 

version 0.1

  Routines split off from VCDImager.

$Id: NEWS,v 1.114 2008/01/05 12:12:52 rocky Exp $