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[16bdbf] by rocky rocky

Remove libpopt.
cd-drive, cd-info: some source option bug fixes
osx.c: bug in duplicate free in add-device

Patches and bug fixes courtesy Peter J. Creath

2005-10-05 09:48:11 Tree
[e74fc3] by rocky rocky

Just a little more clear about the enum/#define thing.

2005-10-05 00:50:41 Tree
[f3b673] by rocky rocky

Use #defines (and enums for debugging) for paranoia read flags.
Patch from Peter J. Creath.

2005-10-05 00:02:12 Tree
[01a86f] by rocky rocky

Some provision for handling Rock-Ridge device numbers.

2005-10-04 09:59:46 Tree
[f9f656] by rocky rocky

Remove the comments about the bug that was just addressed. Thanks again to
Peter J. Creath

2005-10-04 00:38:34 Tree
[c6dfef] by rocky rocky

Bug fix in overallocated analyzed and fixed courtesy of Peter J. Creath

2005-10-03 02:31:11 Tree
[16e7b5] by rocky rocky

Add doxygen file identification to cdio/cdio_config.h.

2005-09-30 01:10:54 Tree
[26295e] by rocky rocky

Add darwin8* to list - thanks to Peter J. Creath; Oh, and we are iIn version 0.77cvs now

2005-09-30 01:09:16 Tree
[b4994b] by rocky rocky

Remove double free of str_bsd_path. Thanks to Peter J. Creath for

2005-09-30 00:01:09 Tree
[eb90d5] by rocky rocky

Wrong directory - ouch.

2005-09-24 12:44:26 Tree
[ba988e] by rocky rocky

Final preparation for 0.76 release.

2005-09-23 09:08:48 Tree
[f46d1c] by rocky rocky

Release date.

2005-09-22 23:59:59 Tree
[b7c71f] by rocky rocky

Reinstate -lm in libcdio_cdda.pc

2005-09-22 23:54:35 Tree
[d51ff8] by rocky rocky

Needs libcdio library.

2005-09-22 01:00:28 Tree
[e21c6a] by rocky rocky

libcdio_paranoia and libcdio_cdda need to include libcdio

2005-09-22 00:56:58 Tree
[3c495f] by rocky rocky

Remove potential -lm as it should be linked in to the library now.

2005-09-22 00:53:40 Tree
[59e64e] by nboullis nboullis

Link libcdio_cdda with libm as needed for cos and sin.

2005-09-21 17:45:59 Tree
[2afad8] by rocky rocky

Move lower-level cdrom_drive_t from paranoia.h into cdda.h
This may cause some incompatibilty in applications that did
#include <cdio/cdda.h> without #include <cdio/paranoia.h>

As of now it's okay to just #include <cdio/paranoia.h> or include both,
but #includ'ing only <cdio/cdda.h> will be a problem.

2005-09-21 01:41:31 Tree
[2a0398] by rocky rocky

Add -lm in libcdio_cdda where it's needed.

2005-09-21 01:09:08 Tree
[6290f7] by nboullis nboullis

Fix the version of symbols in the libcdio_paranoia library.

2005-09-20 16:36:48 Tree
[ba2be3] by rocky rocky

Wrong name.

2005-09-20 01:01:17 Tree
[1f5d7a] by rocky rocky

Wrong name.

2005-09-20 00:45:45 Tree
[d8826d] by rocky rocky

Add --with-versioned-libs for libcdio_paranioa and libcdio_cdda Remove
use of "new" even in private C parts. Changes and patch from Nicholas

2005-09-20 00:42:14 Tree
[e2cedd] by rocky rocky

*** empty log message ***

2005-09-18 21:14:46 Tree
[e8721c] by rocky rocky

The type of (option) opt needs to be int not char and this is
noticable on ppc where char is unsigned by default.

Furthermore, poptGetNextOpt() returns an int, not a char.

Bug noticed and patch all thanks to Nicolas Boullis.

2005-09-18 20:34:02 Tree
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