XBGM# v0.7 Release

XBGM# a free Xbox Game Manager with xISO and Avalaunch support.
I'm sorry for the lack of updates.
XBGM# development hasn't stopped it's only slowed down due to lack of time and a lot of test with the GUI.
The following is done for xbgm# 0.7 and more to come:
* Add Log view tab.
* Add Tools tab (Xbox and PC).
* Allow to format Xbox drive.
* Allow to file MD5.
* Fix/Remove thread on Linux.
* Memory cleanup.

Now XBGM# run on Win32 without a the command line window open in background. See INSTALL.TXT for details.
Update xbgm# Win32 Combined Installer.
Update english and french tutorial using XBGM#.
XBGM# as been fully test on Avalaunch 0.49.3 using mono 1.0.5. I would suggest to update to the lastest version mono and Avalaunch.
I update the GTK# GUI in this version, which is getting very nice expect for open file window.

More info at http://xbgm.sf.net

Posted by xbgmsharp 2004-12-27

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