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Development has been stopped

Hi all

I will no longer develop XBFileZilla, because I'm selling my XBox.
The reason for this, is that I found that the xbox, for me, does not offer what I want from a home entertainment device. This has nothing to do with xbmp, but with the xbox itself. My main objections to it are the high noise level and its lack of a vga output. I know its possible to do something about those issues, but I just don't want to, as I already have a good alternative.
It has been fun to develop XBFileZilla and I'm glad that it's being used with XBMediaPlayer.... read more

Posted by J.Walter 2003-09-21

XBFileZilla 1.3.01 released

Some updates:
- Modification: Report file time instead of year during LIST
- Bug fix in CAsyncSelectManager::Run()

Posted by J.Walter 2003-03-27

XBFileZilla 1.3 released

New features:
- local user administration
- notification callback
- critical commands
- connection info callback
- per file crc calculation
- sfv checking
- display free space at prompt
- extension of config file

Posted by J.Walter 2003-03-23

Added: Notification callback + extra commands

1. Notification callback
By subclassing CXFNotificationClient and registering an instance of the subclass with CXBFileZilla::AddNotificationClient() you will receive notifications about new connections, user logins, and transfer of files.
2. New commands
Support for the following commands has been added:
EXECUTE <filename>
As these commands will terminate the running title, their implementation must be provided by the title. This allows the title to persist its settings and to perform some cleanup. XBFileZilla does not expect the callback to return, although the ftp server will continue to run normally if it does.
Register a function of type CriticalOperationCallback with CXBFileZilla::SetCriticalOperationCallback() in order to receive and respond to these commands.... read more

Posted by J.Walter 2003-03-18

Local user administration

I've completed the local user administration.
The sample application has been updated to show how it works.

Posted by J.Walter 2003-03-12

TODO list

For those people anxious awaiting some new features in XBFileZilla, I have compiled a little todo-list. Here it is, in order of (my) priority (high to low):
1. local user administration
2. notifications / callbacks
3. add command to calculate crc over a file
4. extension of the ftp prompt (reply 226) with free space left on device
5. allow minimum of space left on drive
6. automatically rename files with wrong chars
7. add some more commands (execute, shutdown, reboot, freespace)
8. virtual directories / shortcuts... read more

Posted by J.Walter 2003-03-10

XBFileZilla 1.2 released

new features:
- show mapped drives at \ - local administration of general settings
- path to configuration file can be specified

Posted by J.Walter 2003-02-28

Mapped drives shown at root

If you set your home dir to / and uncheck 'Show relative paths', you will see a list of mapped drives at /
Thanks to Thorsten for implementing this!

Posted by J.Walter 2003-02-26

Update to FileZilla Server 0.8.3

I've updated the sources with the FileZilla Server 0.8.3 release.
You will need the admin tool of FS0.8.3.
However, as of now, it is impossible to make a remote administration connection, due to the enabled network security options in 0.8.3.
This will be fixed in the next couple of days.

Posted by J.Walter 2003-02-26

Initial sources added to CVS

I have added the initial XBFileZilla sources to the cvs repository. The are based on the FileZilla Server 0.8.2 release.
I will make a file release shortly, with some explanation and a little how-to.

Posted by J.Walter 2003-01-29

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