Channel table of xdtv

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    I have a question about the channel table, i scanned the channel table with xterm and it found 42 channel. I have pal-west-europe freqtable selected. But when i surf through the channels it doesnt show me just the 42 found channels, it shows up about 20 other channels that are in the freqtable but i dont have connection to and which are completely useless to me. How can i remove those channels that it shows me only the 42 that i want?


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      you can use the GUI: in the main Option GUI there is a button that open the channel editor.
      you can also clean up your $HOME/.xdtv/xdtvrc



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      Well thats the problem :) i just have 42 channels in my channel list, but the programm just uses the normal freqtable, and not my channel list in the rc-file. I've edited it through gui and through editing the rc file, the useless channels just stay in there.

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      oh i think i just found out what it was... i was changing channels through up and down arrow, with this it switches through the whole freqtable but with pageup and pagedown it just goes through the channel table.

      :=) happy again

      btw. very good program, the  record function is really amazing, what do you think wich codec/bitrate and resolution is the ideal choice to have almost no qual. loss?


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        there is no solution that work for everybody. that depend of your CPU & harddisk speed.
        if your CPU is enough try the MPEG4 or Xvid.
        look at the help to learn more please:

        bye Pingus

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        This helped me a lot -  I was also wondering why all the channels show up although I only wanted those from xdtvrc :)


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