White Bar on the right

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm using Xdtv 2.3.2 with Novells Xgl on Ubuntu Dapper as it seems to be the only tv application which runs without overlay.

    There's only a small bug: If I move the window after Xgl startet, there's a white bar on the right side.
    (see http://img136.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bildschirmfoto0mm.png\).

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

    • Sir Pingus

      Sir Pingus - 2006-04-30

      Novel Xgl doesn't have any DGA.
      XdTV works aon Xgl but as Xgl is alpha.... we do not provide any support on it

    • Sir Pingus

      Sir Pingus - 2006-05-01

      this bar is because there is no DGA.
      try xdtv like this:
      xdtv -noxv


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