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  • R.M. Klippstein

    R.M. Klippstein - 2006-11-08

    I can't make xdtv record in MPEG format, I've compiled xdtv as described in README.ffmpeg and tried every option combination for xdtv but still get the "information screen"! and can't capture using MPEG. Obviously there is something I don't understand as to how to change from AVI recording format to MPEG. Could someone provide a more detailed description as to how to accomplish this.
      This is an AWESOME piece of software and "many thanks" to the authors, as this is an area in which Linux is severly lacking!

    • R.M. Klippstein

      R.M. Klippstein - 2006-11-08

      WOW!! Am I a Dummey or what? Everything works GREAT! All that is required is someone with a minimal amount of "common sense" to follow the directions, and then recording in MPEG is no problem! Please excuse this unnecessary post, and "Kudo's" to the authors of this software. Capturing quality video, using S-Video, from a camcoder is now possible in Linux.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        1) select the mpeg container
        2) select the video codec (mepg1 or 2)
        3) select the audio codec

        there is no restriction if you select the mp3 audio codec (except for the fps > 15)
        for the others audio codec you have to follow the parameters we propose to make a good vcd svcd (pal or ntsc)

        that's all


        PS: all is possible under linux. you just have to learn diffents ways to do the same things


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