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xattr (for Darwin) should be generally suitable

The range of systems for this xattr utility is being widened to include all UNIX-like systems with suitable filesystems. It may be redundant in many cases.

xattr is a common unix command line utility for manipulating extended attributes on supporting filesystems. (In other words, attaching metadata tags to files in a manner native to the filesystem.)

This binary implementation of xattr is intended to be back-compatible with the xattr python script of Mac OS 10.5.

Posted by Matt Lye 2008-11-27

proper error handling

The last package submitted unfortunately had a major problem - a dangling function, giveHelp(), that should have been a call to usage() instead, and cruft in the xcode project.

This has been repaired; also, the error handling has been fixed, and malloc errors should finally be a thing of the past.

Feedback is as always welcome.

Posted by Matt Lye 2008-09-21

new xattr command for OS X/Darwin

A apparently stable (although alpha) version of the 'xattr' shell command has been released, written in C. The motivation is to provide a backwards-compatible, stable, and fast replacement for the python script that Apple had distributed with Leopard 10.5.0. An Xcode project file is included, but the program is small enough that it may be easily compiled by hand.

Posted by Matt Lye 2008-02-01