#555 Garmin Rino 530HCx will not autopoll or display position or updates in Xastir


Problem: Autopolling and map display features on Xastir via GPSman are not working with Garmin Rino 530HCx attached with USB cable

Hardware: Fujitsu T4210 Windows XP tablet, Garmin 530HCx transceiver (USB
connector) attached to tablet with similar Rino units in the field

Software: Oracle Virtual Box installed on Windows XP tablet, Virtual Machine running Debian Linux, Xastir version 2.0.1 that Lee Bengston kindly built about one year ago. I have also installed the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack to enable USB 2.0 support.

Description: have configured the USB 2.0 support okay and can get GPSMan to talk to the Rino consistently. I am using the Garmin USB protocol. I can see waypoints from the Rino display on the map in GPSman. The points though do NOT consistently transfer to Xastir and display on the Xastir map.

In the Xastir "File->Configure->Timing" dialog I set the option for "RINO -> Objects Interval" for 2 minutes. My Rinos are named with names that begin with "APRS." These waypoints transferred once to Xastir with the usual APRS
prefix chopped off. I see GPS man come up every two minutes as Xastir asks
for these at the interval specified under the timing menu and the Rino screen beeps and says "transfer complete" at this interval but the waypoints do not seem to refresh as the position of the Rino in the field changes. I don't see the Garmin unit attached to the Xastir machine transmit an RF polling request either to query for the other Garmin units new position packets at the two minute interval. Even if I manually hit the PTT on the rinos in the field which transmits the new position packets to the Rino at the basestation, the coordinates do not update to the new position and they are shown as static waypoints on the map.

Finally, I can't get Xastir to read the GPS location from the attached Rino.
It keeps giving me sats/view 00 fix invalid in GPS status. I was never able to get this working before either.

Have configured both GPSMan, Xastir and the Garmin to use NAD27 CONUS datum and display UTM coordinates as that is the local standard. Not sure if this may be goofing things up somehow but that is the only difference in configuration that I have made.

I have attached the previous installation notes that I followed as a pdf to this request

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