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Hello the canadian mapes have NOT! been working for over a year or 2!. I did 2 install of Ubundu and found that xastir show the maps fine with the ubundu installs. Could you pleas find the problem. I have been using xastir for over 5 years. I tried ti install the Ubundu .deb pakage but no differant. Please get back to me.

De'Wayne VE7AEZ..



  • De'Wayne VE7AEZ

    De'Wayne VE7AEZ - 2008-12-02

    Hi I didn't tell you that I'm running Debian Lenny with a 2.6.26-1-amd64 kernel . Also I have a Debian Lenny system running 2.6.26-1-i86. The maps don't work on ether of them. ... De'Wayne... VE7AEZ

  • Curt Mills

    Curt Mills - 2009-01-01

    Can you tell me specifically which maps you are choosing in the map chooser that aren't working? It will speed up debugging immensely if I can exactly duplicate the problem.

  • De'Wayne VE7AEZ

    De'Wayne VE7AEZ - 2009-01-03

    Screen shot

  • De'Wayne VE7AEZ

    De'Wayne VE7AEZ - 2009-01-03

    The maps that are NOT working are canadatopo250k.geo canadatopo50k.geo. I'm running Debian Lenny with a 2.6.26-1-amd64
    kernel . Also I have a Debian Lenny system running 2.6.26-1-i86 same problem. Plus a friend Dave beagle7@shaw.ca he may be able to explain better than me.
    On a Ubuntu install on a ppc mac powerbook G4 the mapes work great but on a ubuntu install on a intel type computer no Canadin maps.

    Bye De'Wayne VE7AEZ
    File Added: xastir.jpg

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Do you have any other filled maps selected, specifically terraserver or tiger? Do you have the canadatopo maps set to a higher layer in the map chooser properties?

    The maps are displayed in alphabetical order, so if there are any filled maps that follow the desired maps that attempt to display over the same coordinates and map zoom level then the last one drawn wins display privileges. The tiger map will display water blue all over Canada if it is the last map standing. Canadatopo will display white all over US if it is last map standing.

  • zamabe

    zamabe - 2013-07-25

    I have this problem as well. When I zoom into an area, the only map which displays in the program is the worldhi.map map, but the maps I have enabled -- only tested with online maps, as I'm only interested in Open Street Map -- show up correctly as new "screenshots" under ~/.xastir/map_cache/ whenever I change zoom or area.

    Linux 3.9.2
    Gentoo x64
    Xastir 2.0.4

    Last edit: zamabe 2013-07-25
    • Tom Russo

      Tom Russo - 2013-07-25

      Your debug.txt file clearly shows you do not have ImageMagick (or GraphicsMagick) compiled in properly.

      If your list of "additional maps types" doesn't include:

          geo   Image Map (ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick library, many formats allowed)

      none of the internet maps will display.

      • zamabe

        zamabe - 2013-07-27

        That log was built with GraphicsMagick.

        When building with ImageMagick that line exists, however changing the viewing area results in "TBD: I don't think we can deal with colorspace != RGB"

        Here's that snippet:
        (the -v 9999 log is just too huge, so I attached a normal run. Specify which level you'd like if it's important)

        Entered ImageMagick code.
        Attempting to open: /home/****/.xastir/map_cache/map_1374958314.png
        Image: /home/****/.xastir/map_cache/map_1374958314.png
        Image size 990 606
        Unique colors = 2182
        image matte is 0
        TBD: I don't think we can deal with colorspace != RGBTBD: I don't think we can deal with colorspace != RGB

        Last edit: zamabe 2013-07-27
        • Tom Russo

          Tom Russo - 2013-07-29

          You may have tried to build with GraphicsMagick, but the absence of that line indicates that you have NOT properly compiled in GM. And if GM or IM is not compiled in (i.e., that line does not appear on start up), then you CANNOT use the online maps. The online maps require either GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick, and if the line

          geo   Image Map (ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick library, many formats allowed)

          does not appear, then the capability hasn't properly been compiled in. This could be because you have not installed the appropriate "-dev" or "-devel" package to get that support. Note that Xastir does two different probes for Magick --- one that it uses for converting files from one sort to another (i.e. for snapshots), that requires only the GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick executables, and another for displaying data that requires *Magick libraries and header files.

          The "colorspace" issue is another matter entirely, and is probably due to a problem in the particular set of OSM maps you've chosen. Try a different server and see if the problem persists.

          • Tom Russo

            Tom Russo - 2013-07-29

            I know that the "OSM_tiled_mapnik" map set does work with Xastir's code, as I use it every day. If you get GM or IM compiled in properly, try that map set. It should not complain about non-RGB colorspace.

            • zamabe

              zamabe - 2013-07-30

              As for OSM_tiled_mapnik, Compiling with imagemagick still bitches about !=RGB. (Whether it is "properly" being compiled in is unclear to me, but the support line does show up in log.)

              Last edit: zamabe 2013-07-30
  • zamabe

    zamabe - 2013-07-30

    Xastir seems to be having issues "including" (whatever the right term is) graphicsmagick.

    1) During configuration it claims that api.h doesn't even exist (it has a separate check for usability, the "presence" check should probably be fixed).

    2) While including graphics magick the api.h throws errors about not finding file magick/magick_config.h. When looking at ImageMagick's api.h, it has the same include style as graphicsmagick (#include "magic/foo.h") but does not produce this error. Manually editing this file like so results in it not complaining about magick_config.h, but it (probably a file it includes) now complains about magick/image.h not existing:

    # vim /usr/include/GraphicsMagick/magick/api.h
    :%s/\#include \"magick\//\#include \"GraphicsMagick\/magick\//


    Is this a bug? If yes, to which project should I address it?


    Did this replacement in all graphicsmagick headers. Configuration works, compile now flails with:

    "main.c:94:24: fatal error: magick/api.h: No such file or directory"


    Looks like an issue with Xastir looking in the wrong place for GraphicMagick, yes?


    Without modification of graphicsmagick files, this makes all of the Online/OSM maps work.

    # ln -s /usr/include/GraphicsMagick/magick/ /usr/include/magick


    So, I'm still curious as to the issue here. What's causing this?

    Side note: I found a /usr/include/magic.h (provided by the `file' application) and thought this could be interfering, but moving it out of the way did not help and it was back in its place when this solution was used and xastir was built.

    Last edit: zamabe 2013-07-30
  • nolith

    nolith - 2014-01-10

    I've installed xastir on fedora 19 and fedora 20 but when I try to load a map (Online or offline) it complains about the RGB colorspace
    "TBD: I don't think we can deal with colorspace != RGB"

    There are some updates about this issue?


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