#476 XmStringCreateLtoR has been deprecated.

Dan Brown

Per the linux man page, "This function is obsolete and
exists for compatibility with previous releases. It
is replaced by XmStringGenerate."

Xastir uses this in a bunch of different places.


  • Curt Mills

    Curt Mills - 2006-07-12

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    XmStringGenerate is available in Motif 2.0 and later.
    Does anything run an earlier Motif these days? If not, we
    can switch. If so, we'll have to leave it as-is or check
    for the availability of the XmStringGenerate function in
    configure and do #ifdef's in the code based on that.

  • Curt Mills

    Curt Mills - 2006-07-12

    Logged In: YES

    We could change configure.ac to add:

    AC_CHECK_LIB([Xm], [XmStringGenerate])

    then decide which to use in the code, or we could just
    leave the code as-is until/unless XmStringCreateLtoR is
    removed from Motif, at which point we can switch to
    XmStringGenerate completely.

  • Gerald J. Stueve

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    Originator: NO

    wx_gui.c has an implementation of XmStringGenerate that was introduced in revision 1.53 in 2007. As no one has complained, it would suggest that we could convert everyone over if the need arises. A macro could be added to make the change immediately if XmStringCreateLtoR disappeared.

    define XmCreateLtoR(a, b) XmStringGenerate(a, b, XmCHARSET_TEXT, NULL)


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