#444 high traffic from display to program? extra map loading?


Xastir seems to occasionally get into a mode where it
is sending more data from the display to the program
than vice versa. This is pretty surprising. It may not
be visible at all on a fast network link - I have the
program and display separated by a T1-speed link. This
shows all kinds of interesting problems sometimes.

One of the most annoying is that the maps sometimes get
reloaded for no obvious reason; the mouse isn't in the
window, the zoom/center hasn't changed. This seems to
be triggered by Online/WMSRadar.geo being updated, and
then there is a long cycle of maps being loaded (as
noted in the status line). And nothing much happens
while those maps are being loaded (including input even
processing - I lose lots of posits this way!) Yes, I'm
using rtree and yes they are shapefiles (Tiger).


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