Xaraya 0.9.13 Released!

Xaraya 0.9.13 beta is now available. This release is a maintenance release and supplies key bug fixes to the core code since the last release. There has been much activity in Xaraya core development scenarios in recent months. Xaraya 0.9.13 provides us with an opportunity for a final bug fix release prior to the merging of these exciting development scenarios. You can find information for downloading Xaraya 0.9.13 at http://xaraya.com/index.php/docs/75.

This release demonstrates again our Project Team's strong commitment towards provision of a solid enterprise level development framework for existing users as we move to 1.0.

Developers who are tracking our Bitkeeper notices will also have recognized that key scenario merges to our core development repository have already begun in our final push to 1.0

We remind interested parties that the latest development code can always be found in the weekly development snapshots available at http://www.xaraya.com/downloads/snaps/.

Thanks goes out again to all the members of Team Xaraya, developers, dedicated users, and the supporters. We ask for your continued assistance and support with feedback, and identifying and posting bugs on the releases at http://bugs.xaraya.com.

Full details of changes in this release can be found in the release log accompanying the distribution package

Visit: Xaraya at http://www.xaraya.com

* Xaraya 0.9.13 beta at http://www.xaraya.com/index.php/docs/75
* Language Packs: http://www.xaraya.com/downloads/languages/

* News://news.xaraya.com
* Chat: irc://irc.xaraya.com
* Support Forums at http://www.xaraya.com/index.php/xarbb/

Posted by jojodee 2005-04-10

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