Is this project able to read original .amos files?

  • Danny Staple

    Danny Staple - 2012-09-16

    Is this able to read the tokenised amos type files from the amiga? Or is this project a basic that is compatible with the text of amos source code, but not it's tokenised source?

  • Mequa

    Mequa - 2012-09-16

    Not at this stage. An AMOS file importer module could be added at a later date.

    It can, however, read exported .Asc files (including Amiga-style endlines).

    Most won't work at this stage however, as this is still in early alpha stage and missing much AMOS functionality, and the syntax is not yet 100% compatible. Check the included examples to see what is currently implemented.


  • PerspexSphinx

    PerspexSphinx - 2013-07-03

    Thanks for a great revamp of Amos.

    Can it (will it be able to) use pngs with their full Alpha Channels? I got it to load a 256 colour png with 1 colour transparent, which worked but I would like to use 24 bit pngs with their full 256 gray scale Alpha Channel, this would enable softer edges and more appealing effects.

    I can't seem to make the screen larger than 720 by 576, for example,

    "Screen Open 0,800,600,16777216,Hires+Laced"

    still gives a 720 by 576 window.

    Looking forward for more Amos like commands, For To Next On Goto Paint Pattern Polyline etc.


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