Can LOBO Browser API be used in a commercial?

  • Nagesh Metla

    Nagesh Metla - 2009-03-23

    I am planning to develop a commercial product using LOBO Browser API. I am wondering if I am allowed to use it in a commercial product. What are the restrictions?

    • Lobo Project Lead

      Please look for the GPL FAQ. Basically, if you redistribute Lobo, the application that uses it needs to be GPL, unless it's just an aggregation of applications (like an OS).

    • Nagesh Metla

      Nagesh Metla - 2009-04-09


          In my opinion LOBO is simply awesome. I think only thing that is stopping it from becoming the "next big thing" (or shall I say "next Eclipse style success") is its License.

      Just put my 2 cents...

    • Cristian Trohin

      Cristian Trohin - 2009-06-10

      Well, if you want to create a new browser, you should only use the Cobra renderer, which to my knowledge is LGPL, and can be used in comercial applications.


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