Flying Saucer?

  • pgbakker

    pgbakker - 2008-04-17

    Has any thought been given on integration with the Flying Saucer project (xhtml renderer)?

    This project is also pure Java, does CSS 3.1, but not "street" html, but just XHTML.

    Furthermore it's missing javaScript support, Flash and some others, but it seems they got the rendering using CSS 2, 3 and 3,1 down to near perfection, I think.

    What they are missing is a HTML parser that parses "street" HTML and delivers a valid Document, which I think is something that Cobra is quite far with.

    Sounds to like combining the two would make quite a killer component...

    Just some thought though... As I'm not a hardcode Java guy, I cannot tell if this is easy, difficult or near impossible to do, but I think others on this list might be able to judge that.


    • Lobo Project Lead

      I've been aware of Flying Saucer for a while. In the beginning it didn't look very easy to convert it into an HTML (rather than XHTML) renderer, and put Javascript around it with all that implies. I haven't looked at it recently.


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