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Welcome to the xAffect Wiki!

This page aims to provide information about xAffect and its components. You will find some information how xAffect works, about the components which are integrated and some tutorials how you can customize xAffect according to your own requirements.
Some examples about projects where xAffect has been used so far can be found here.

General Knowledge

If you are new to xAffect, you are probably best off visiting the links below to learn about the xAffect core and its general functionality, as well as SystemComponents, the Setup-mechanism and Controls:


If you want to learn about the SystemComponents that come with the xAffect-distributions, you can read about them in the link-collection below:

Data sources

Data processors

Data sinks


If you want to start developing your own SystemComponents or plan to write your own setup to customize xAffect for your specific requirements, the following tutorials will give you an introduction how to get started with xAffect. To be able to follow the tutorials, it is recommended to read about the general functionality of xAffect first.


xAffect has been used by various institutions. A list of the institutions using xAffect can be found here:
* References

If you have further questions or problems concerning xAffect, please feel free to contact the project administrators on SourceForge:

Project Admins:


Wiki: Componentdescription ProcessorButterworthHighPass
Wiki: Componentdescription ProcessorButterworthLowPass
Wiki: Componentdescription ProcessorSlidingMean
Wiki: Componentdescription ProcessorWaveletThresholding
Wiki: Componentdescription SinkUnisensLogger
Wiki: Componentdescription SinkUnisensStreamer
Wiki: Componentdescription SourceEcgGenerator
Wiki: Componentdescription SourceEkgmoveAdapter
Wiki: Componentdescription SourceMouseAdapter
Wiki: Componentdescription SourceStatusListener
Wiki: Componentdescription SourceTimer
Wiki: Componentdescription SourceUnisensReader
Wiki: Configuration of new setups
Wiki: General information on Controls
Wiki: General information on Setups
Wiki: General information on SystemComponents
Wiki: General information on xAffect
Wiki: Integration of new components
Wiki: References

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