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X3D Tool Kit / News: Recent posts

X3DTK adds Developer

Paul and I would like to extend our welcome to Kristian Sons. Kristian had independently gone through the same process I went though to bring X3DTK back to life, only to discover that I owned the (empty) project on source forge. So we owe Kristian a hearty thanks for forcing me to spend some time on this and get this site up and running.

Larry E. Ramey

Posted by Larry E. Ramey 2006-12-29

Philosophy and Reasoning

We would like to announce that X3D Tool Kit is back from the dead. My company needed a good X3D parser for a project we were working on and X3DTK was the closest to complete and cross platform we could find. Contacting Yannick Le Goc (the original author) proved somewhat difficult, but we finally contacted some people at his old company who were quite happy to see us pick up the project and run with it. We only plan on enhancing the aspects of X3DTK that we need for our work, however we welcome any and all developers who want to add things to the ToolKit that we are not planning on working on. ... read more

Posted by Larry E. Ramey 2006-12-29

X3D Tool Kit Startup

X3DToolKit is a cross platform SDK that will parse a .x3d file into a logical graph structure. This graph can then be rendered with X3DTK’s own OpenGL based scenegraph or you can use the templates provided to easily convert the logical graph into your own favorite scenegraph.

X3DToolKit was originally written by Yannick Le Gok, but he has since abandoned the code. His original website can be found at . The code is in pretty good shape, it compiles and works on MSVC 2003 .NET and g++ 3.2. There are some problems with g++ 3.4 and later that will be a major focus of our effort as we get this project moving. ... read more

Posted by Larry E. Ramey 2006-12-29