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Definetively inactive

I have updated some project configurations, and deleted all empty folders. I have renamed the project to its original name.

Posted by 2014-03-30

Driver update

After a long time, I have updated the source code for experimentation purposes. The new code is based on the newer WDF, adds a custom HOTAS device to the HID virtual controller, replaces some VB code with C++, and solves some old problems.
As it's an experimental it is being testing and won't be uploaded soon.

The new code requires the X52 HOTAS and Windows 7 64 bit (or probably 32 bit). It has additional compatibility to be combined with Thrustmaster RGT Pro pedals.

Posted by 2012-09-13

X36 Driver moving

Sorry but the project will leave the gpl license and, by the moment, Ill go back to the old freeware license.
This means that I have to close the project in sourceforge and move to the old website.

Also english translations will be finally stopped as in the next weeks Im going to going to start another free project (a bigger one) and there wont be much time to spent in the x36 driver.

The only good news are that Im going to make a big update and the next driver version will pass to be directly the v4.0 and the x36map will go to the v3.0......but I dont know when I am going to finish.

Posted by 2005-06-04