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Dylan Wolf
  • Dylan Wolf

    Dylan Wolf - 2006-08-30

    How can I create a Playlist to serve to an XBox 360?  I don't use iTunes; I'm running x360mediaserve on a Linux box so I'd like to be able just create a simple listing of MP3s I want to add to a playlist. Is there a way to do this?

    • Dylan Wolf

      Dylan Wolf - 2006-09-03

      So I did some more research into the issue and I've patched my copy of 360 Media Server to handle M3U playlists it finds in the music directory.

      You need to patch existing files as specified here:

      And then add this file:
      to the net/sourceforge/x360mediaserve/upnpmediaserver/upnp/contentdirectory directory.

      As a bit of a disclaimer, I'm not a Java programmer at all and I'm only using this with MP3s. I'm not even sure that I'm handling all M3Us correctly with this code, but it works with the ones I've set up for edna ( which I'm running on the same system. So, YMMV. :)

    • Thomas Walker

      Thomas Walker - 2006-10-05

      Thanks for the patch, I'll try and take a look and add it soon. My main music server runs Linux so I've been looking for a way to make playlists for it.

    • Jdogzilla

      Jdogzilla - 2007-02-16

      Hello, if I download the sourcecode, and add this patch, what kind of environment do I need to rebuild the jars?  what IDE does the cvs structure fit into? 

    • tony wright

      tony wright - 2007-02-19

      can anyone supply a patched version of the test software?
      I wouldn't know how to go about getting the cvs let alone patching it.



      • Dylan Wolf

        Dylan Wolf - 2007-02-19

        I've uploaded my current x360mediaserve.jar file here:

        You should be able to download the 0.0.1 distribution and then replace its x360mediaserve.jar file with this one, then run it normally.

    • tony wright

      tony wright - 2007-02-20

      Many thanks,


    • tony wright

      tony wright - 2007-02-20

      I have downloaded the file from your link, copied all the files over to my mediaserver directory, created a simple m3u file and put it in my music folder but I don't see any playlist other than "streams" which is empty, in either the playlist section on the xbox or in any of the other sections :(

      Any ideas as to why it might not work?

      I tried creating the m3u file in xmms on linux and also on another windows piece of software (the xmms version seemed to have a lot of non-text characters in it)

      when I start mediaserver at the beginning it states "adding Streams playlist"
      but that was there before the modified files were installed.

      I also tried renaming the file to "M3U" in case it was case sensitive.

      do the files in the M3U file need full paths? or just the filename if they are in the root of my music directory?



      • Dylan Wolf

        Dylan Wolf - 2007-02-21

        .m3u should be fine, as it's what I use.

        I created my M3U files by hand (I use it with the edna MP3 server, so the M3U files are primarily for edna, not for a media player). They're just lists of filenames, relative to the location of the M3U file itself. (So, if you're wanting to reference /mp3s/mymusic/somefile.mp3 in /mp3s/myplaylist.m3u, you'd list mymusic/somefile.mp3 in the M3U file.) One filename per line, and any lines that start with "#" will be ignored.

        If that doesn't work, then if you can send me your M3U file, I'll take a look when I get a chance.

        • tony wright

          tony wright - 2007-02-21

          I hope you don't mind helping me get this running :)

          Just to recap, my system is running on fedora core 6

          I have copied all the files from the link you provided over my current setup.
          I have a single music directory with one album in it. In this directory I have added an m3u file which is plain text with one line in it that is the file name of one of the files in the music directory.

          when starting mediaserver I get:

          # ./start
          xbox360mediaserve, Copyright (C) 2006 Thomas Walker
          xbox360mediaserve comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see license
          This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
          under certain conditions; see license for details.


          21-Feb-07 8:33:54 AM org.mortbay.http.HttpServer doStart
          INFO: Version Jetty/5.1.11RC0
          Adding artist:
          Adding playlist:Streams
          Adding artist:Aerosmith
          New Album:Aerosmith - The Ultimate Hits
          21-Feb-07 8:33:55 AM org.mortbay.util.Container start
          INFO: Started org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler@18df00
          21-Feb-07 8:33:55 AM org.mortbay.util.Container start
          INFO: Started HttpContext[/,/]
          21-Feb-07 8:33:55 AM org.mortbay.http.SocketListener start
          INFO: Started SocketListener on
          21-Feb-07 8:33:55 AM org.mortbay.http.SocketListener start
          INFO: Started SocketListener on
          21-Feb-07 8:33:55 AM org.mortbay.util.Container start
          INFO: Started org.mortbay.http.HttpServer@2c5f00

          I have tried naming the m3u file "playlist.m3u" and even "Streams.m3u" but in the xbox I only see one playlist called "Streams" which contains no songs (and this exists in all versions of mediaserver.)

          can you tell me if there is any feedback when a playlist is loaded with your patch?
          where do the playlists appear? (I guess playlists)
          should I only have copied over the x360mediaserve.jar file?

          Thanks for the help


    • tony wright

      tony wright - 2007-02-21

      hmmm, I have just downloaded the file you posted and x360mediaserve.jar is not included.

      the download says
      but it actually downloads

      is this correct?


      • Dylan Wolf

        Dylan Wolf - 2007-02-22

        Try renaming it to x360mediaserve.jar (from .zip) and make sure you replace your existing x360mediaserve.jar file. I tried downloading it in IE7 and the same thing happened to me.

    • tony wright

      tony wright - 2007-02-22

      Thanks Dylan that's working a treat now.



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