Firewall Help and FLAC Suggestions

  • Alex Atkin UK

    Alex Atkin UK - 2006-10-27

    Firstly, it would be useful to include a list of ports that this software needs open to work.  I ended up having to disable my firewall entirely and then just open a HUGE range of ports to my 360 in order to get it working. Im still not sure which port ranges I should have open.
    Of course my situation may be relatively unique, I have the 360 on the outside of my LAN on a public IP to reduce latency and avoid having silly NAT rules in my router.  As such for Media Connect I have to open the relevant ports for the 360s IP address to avoid sharing it with the rest of the world.  Perhaps its still not the most secure setup but its served me well so far, I might rethink it as before when I was using my XP box its not running all the time so not as much of an issue as my Linux box which runs 24/7 so is more open to abuse.

    Anyway, the other thing is if theres any possibility of it categorising tracks by directory name instead of ID3 tag.  Main reason is none of my FLAC files have any tags that im aware of and with a mixture of MP3, WMA, MP4 the only consistant naming scheme is the directory name (artist) and filename (album and track).  Also its already been said in the forum that people using the software have directories for artists and then subdirectories for albums.  The only difference with my setup is I do not bother with directories for albums so instead of everyone else who would get listings under albums all my tracks would just show up under each artist, which would be fine.  The problem is at the moment it doesnt even seem to be listing any files without ID3 tags so none of my FLAC files are showing up.

    Perhaps I will have a dabble with the Java myself but I have never been able to figure out how to setup a Java SDK so im kinda stuck there too.

    • Alex Atkin UK

      Alex Atkin UK - 2006-10-27


      After some playing around with the firewall it seems I only need TCP port 7000 and UDP port 1900 open.
      Is that correct?

      If so it would be useful to drop that information into the readme.txt file.

      Funny that as Microsoft say you need a LOT more than that for the official Windows Media Connect to function.

    • Alex Atkin UK

      Alex Atkin UK - 2006-10-28

      Changed my mind about the ID tag thing, its actually REALLY useful that it only picks up tracks with tags.
      It means any tracks im unlikely to play on the 360 (like comedy, audio books, etc) I just have to remove the ID tag from them and they dont get picked up.  Makes navigating a lot easier.

  • Anonymous - 2009-11-08

    I had computer problems (had to upgrade BIOS file, on a Biostar motherboard), so reloaded Fedora completely.  Now I am following all instructions, even my own, to re-add x360mediaserver, but this time am getting "Permission denied" when trying to start.  I disabled the firewall, but it did not help.  Any idea of something else I may be missing?  I don't think it is due to SELinux, as it prompts me when a permission is denied, but did not in this case.


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