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X3 project moves to SVN

We have signed on with the 'evilnet' project at forge.novell.com to use the SVN code repository there. SF has been promising SVN for years now, Novell delivers.
The project is at http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?evilnet
the SVN repository browser is at
http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/svn/svnbrowse.php?uri=listing.php%3Frepname%3Devilnet%26path%3D%252Ftrunk%252F%26rev%3D0%26sc%3D0 ... read more

Posted by Alex Schumann 2005-07-27

X3 Team unfairly accused

The head of the srvx team (from which X3 is a fork) has taken down access to their "arch" code repository claiming we are an "intentional fork" and that we do not make our changes available.


This is clearly incorrect. We make all our changes completly public in CVS and emailed to a mailing list. And since Entrope personally drove this fork by refusing to accept changes from us (and being insulting), we find it more than a little misleading and ironic.... read more

Posted by Alex Schumann 2005-06-06

X3 in CVS

We have begun the process of releasing the new X3 service into this project. X3 is based on srvx 1.3, and is being forked to improve friendlyness, usability, and compatability with Evilnet Nefarious ircu. X3 is similar to X2 in many ways (srvx was developed by GamesNet to replace their X2) but offers unified identity services (NickServ or AuthServ) and some handy oper features.

You can check out X3 from CVS as the modulename X3, and we hope to have more info on the project website eventually.

Posted by Alex Schumann 2005-03-11

Use CVS for latest version

the cvs branch "stable" has the latest X2 for universal IRCD networks. The trunc branch has a development version for modern undernet ircd. I'm nolonger making tarball releases, so use cvs for best results!

Posted by Alex Schumann 2004-06-03

5.1 is released

This past weekend run released version 2.10.09 of universal ircd. I have released 5.1 of X2, which is compatable with that version and believed to be stable and well tested. Enjoy!

Posted by Alex Schumann 2001-11-08

CHANS/ corruption bug in BSD

AfterNET runs X2 5.0.99 on a BSD machine, and is
experiancing a rather nasty bug where some files
in the CHANS/ dir (channel data files) are overwritten by the wrong channels data.

I've been working with AfterNET to try and narrow down the bug, so far it appears the corruption happens when a QUIT command is issued to x2 (ie, during the shutdown procedure)

I've been all over the channel saving functions and I can't find a bug, i'm suspecting either a smashed stack, or an OS filesystem bug related to haveing 800+ files in one directory.... read more

Posted by Alex Schumann 2001-04-11

Afternet trys out the new version

AfterNET has updated to 5.0.99 CVS version of X2.

There were a few issues with the upgrade, and many bugs found in the first couple days. This real-world trial has helped fix a lot of problems, and X2 there now seems more or less stable (more then 5.0.3 is anyway).

With a little more testing I'm hoping to release a 5.1 beta.

Posted by Alex Schumann 2001-01-08

5.0.99 progressing

5.0.99 is making good progress, regchan/unreg are working now, more or less. The table of joined users is functional also, and you can verify it by doing a chanstat on an unreg'd channel (for now). Also searchchan is taking a bit more shape, you can search on some channel settings and a mask for channel/topic.
On afternet, it seems to be more stable then 5.0.3.. (:

Posted by Alex Schumann 2000-08-24

Nightly CVS Snapshots

Nightly CVS snapshots, in tar.bz2 form, are now available on the x2.afternet.org ftp server: ftp://x2.afternet.org/pub/rubin/x2/x2serv-5.0.99-snap-latest.tar.bz2


Posted by Alex Schumann 2000-08-11

Automated routing

I broke down and coded the main blunt of an intelegent automated routing management system into x2 (mostly in the new file route.c).
Existing commands are:
loadr (read routing.dat)
rmap (show what the network routing SHOULD look like)
addr (add another server to the route table [BUGGY])
reroute (Connect missing servers, ore issue squit and connect to move the network to look like the rmap)... read more

Posted by Alex Schumann 2000-07-13

P10 version progressing

Current CVS tree is progressing nicely,
It connects as P10, tracks all channels status (notjust registered) and passes pointers between
functions, instead of channel names or nicks.

Posted by Alex Schumann 2000-07-04

X2 goes P10 and gets a bit faster

I successfully ported X2 to work with universal ircu (ircu.sourceforge.net) P10 protocol.
That was working (check out cvs as of 06-04-00 i think)
Then, we decided a few things internally would be better of passing pointers for fewer lookups, so the source is going to be broken (wont compile) for a few days untill all the references are changed. I expect to have it working again after the weekend. (i'll post an update).

Posted by Alex Schumann 2000-06-07

Version 5.0.3 released

many VERY important bugfixes! Please upgrade.
Previous versions will crash in several cases.. like this:
/msg bot help %s %s %s %s %s
/msg bot 8ball ................ (where '.' is the command charactor)

Many more bugfixes and changes in the README.

Posted by Alex Schumann 2000-04-26

CVS tree entered

You may now checkout the LATEST x2 code changes
from the CVS tree. Or, become a developer and add changes yourself!

Posted by Alex Schumann 2000-04-26

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