VirtualDub hack explanation

  • Radorn Keldam

    Radorn Keldam - 2012-12-06

    Hi. I have a couple of questions about the VD hack that I don't think have been answered before, specially the second.

    1: I know, of course, that, if I want to encode through the VFW interface with VD I must use the hack. I remember similar issue with XviD B-frames and the infamous 1 frame delay. So, does the VD hack have similar/any side-effects?

    2: If I select "File" output mode should I still tick the VD hack box?

  • BugMaster

    BugMaster - 2012-12-06

    1) Yes, it has similar side-effects because implementation of this hack is: "say to VD that you are XviD and ask it to do the same thing it does for XviD in same case". The side-effect is: if you use not 'VD or its fork' than this app wouldn't know what do with 1-byte (0x7f) drop-frames and will insert them in output stream making it not spec conformant (there is warning about this in "VirtualDub hack" popup hint).
    2) It doesn't matter. It will be ignored (disabled internally) in 'File' output mode.

  • Radorn Keldam

    Radorn Keldam - 2013-01-02

    sorry for late reply, just wanted to say thanks!


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