x264_encoder_close has a bug

  • dolisha

    dolisha - 2009-12-25

    "x264_encoder_close" has bug,please fix it.

  • dolisha

    dolisha - 2009-12-25

    h->param.i_fps_den = 0 ????

  • ale5000

    ale5000 - 2015-03-05

    Was this bug fixed?

  • BugMaster

    BugMaster - 2015-03-06

    I don't see here proper bug report (and I can't guess/parse what topic starter meant). So imho there was no bug in the first place.

    P.S. necroposting is bad.

  • ale5000

    ale5000 - 2015-03-10

    Sorry, it is just that I had found this and I was wondering if it was fixed.
    Maybe the author will reappear someday.

    Last edit: ale5000 2015-03-10

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