Alvin - 2010-01-02

For some reason, Adobe Premiere CS3 can read H.264 files from my pocket cam
just fine (after they have gone through a wrapper change in MP4Cam2AVI);
however, after processing these vids and recompressing them in VirtualDub
using x264vfw, Premiere will no longer read them properly. The audio loads,
but the video is just a blank screen. The x264vfw encoded files open properly
in other media players (including VirtualDub), however.

Interestingly, in VirtualDub, the raw files from the camera show the
decompresser to be "ffdshow Video Codec (H264)." However, the encoded files
show the decompresser to be "x264vfw - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec." Why is the
encoded file using a different decompresser? Aren't they both H.264? I have
the encoder set to use fourCC H264.

I suspect this may be causing the issue in Premiere; somehow, the x264vfw
encoded video is calling x264vfw to decompress it, which appears to be
incompatible with Premiere. Note that no error messages are produced, simply a
clip with audio and blank video. Any way I can force these clips to play in
Premiere without utilizing the x264vfw decompressor?