Getting Text messages from Windows

  • Gopal

    Gopal - 2004-12-07

    I'm unable to get the text that in contained in window !!
    Could anybody post their suggestions??


    • Peter Wilson

      Peter Wilson - 2004-12-07

      Highlight it, copy it and check what is in the clipboard.  I don't know how you do this, but I assume it's possible.  Otherwise, you could paste it into a file, and then check what is in the file.

      There are probably better ways but....

    • Dennis K. Paulsen

      Hopefully I'll have time soon to investigate the use of AT-SPI for obtaining some of this information.

    • Chris Callan

      Chris Callan - 2008-06-06

      I've been able to get around this issue by using 'xclip' to pull this information off the XClipboard ('xclip -o' outputs what's on the clipboard, 'echo <myVar> | xclip -i' sets the XClipboard's value with <myVar>).  Not an ideal solution, but it does work.


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