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Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2008-01-20

Supports IDN Domain Names now.

E-Mail adresses like webmaster@müller.de (with "ü" ) are accepted now.

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2007-07-06

Update Emailinfo (part of x-mailer)

i updatet the emailinfo.exe file, wich is a part of x-mailer.

Install X-Mailer Build 7.0.2007.5 and then copy the emailinfo.exe into xmailer folder by hand.

Next Release of X-Mailer (7.0.2007.6 and greater )will have the new emailinfo.exe included automatically.

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2007-07-02

"Authorisation failed" Bugfix online

Build 7.0.2007.5
is a bugfix for Build 7.0.2007.3
"Authorisation failed"
message when you use the
x-mailer Account "xmailerpro@Yahoo" Mail Adress.

Yahoo Mail Adress deleted, now a GMX Mailadress

should work now again :-)

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2007-05-29

X-Mailer 7.0.2007 is online

Happy New Year :-)

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2007-01-01

Build 23 online - New Design

- Should run better in english than the older Versions ( because X-Mailer has a german Source )

- New Design similar to other Mail Programs,

- Better "Search-Robot" - Should work fine now.

- Stand alone Programs Emailinfo, Crypt, Scanner, can run alone without X-Mailer

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2006-08-19

Beta Build 21 is online now

New Design, Better Source, just have a look

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2006-08-18

Build 17 is online now

More space on the window - Mailtext appears only when you click on an Mail in the Mail-List. Spam List and no-spam-list adds new entrys now automatically. Spam Info is now marked blue in the header when mail is shown in text preview window.
More trys automatically to connect to mailserver, not only one time. Mails send with remailers are displayd correct in prewiew text window (anon-to:). Remailer List updated. Email-Info Program updated... and so on. ... read more

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2006-08-05

USB-Stick Versions are online

2006 "Light" Version : First install full X-Mailer Version Build 13 an configure X-Mailer. Then use the Light Version (internal Build 14) wich does not save so much data , so an an USB it should run quicker...

2003-2004 Versions : Older X-Mailer Versions , 16bit (Delphi 1) and 32 Bit Versions , This Versions where on PC-Welt Magazine CD and they run as a single EXE File.

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2006-06-04

Standalone Parts of X-Mailer are online

If you like to have the itegrated Mailadressscanner as a separate program you do not need to install X-Mailer completely, just download the standalone Mailadessscanner.

If you want to exchange encrypted Messages (Crypt-Function in X-Mailer) but the recipient likes to use his own Mailprogram he can download the Crypt Program as a standalone.

and so one...

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2006-04-12

Idsmtp ... Idmessage ... Idpop3... etc...

Idsmtp ... Idmessage ... Idpop3... etc...

Zum kompilieren meines Quellcodes benötigt man "Indy9"


Dokumentation / Hilfe zu Indy9 :


Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2006-02-15

X-Mailer goes sourceforge.net

X-Mailer has moved to http://sourceforge.net/projects/x-mailer/

You find X-Mailer help (german) and the FAQ-Forum here http://www.x-mailer.info


X-Mailer ist jetzt umgezogen zu http://sourceforge.net/projects/x-mailer/

Die Hilfe und das FAQ-Forum finden Sie unter


Paypal Donates :
http://sourceforge.net/donate/index.php?group_id=159219... read more

Posted by Bernd Dietzel 2006-02-10

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