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 bin 2011-06-19 Dirk Wallenstein Dirk Wallenstein [dfe803] shell: Use the module-db to create a prompt sign
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 lib 2012-03-31 Dirk Wallenstein Dirk Wallenstein [12c935] CheckpointDictionary: Fix default dict fallback...
 lib-run-from-source 2010-10-08 Dirk Wallenstein Dirk Wallenstein [5b2803] Allow to run xjhbuild from the source directory
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 xjhrc.example 2011-08-31 Dirk Wallenstein Dirk Wallenstein [0e591c] xjhrc.example: Correct the recursive alias expa...

Read Me


# Copyright 2010 Dirk Wallenstein

X-JHBuild is a framework for building and working with modules.
It makes use of JHBuild and is specialized for working with modules that
use Git as VCS.

The goal is to let a user easily build a complete set of bleeding edge modules,
but it also offers a lot of possibilities for customization, to ease up

This is work in progress, and until there is nice documentation, you are
encouraged to rummage through the commit messages, release mails, and
help output of subcommands.

A Git version >= 1.7 is recommended. Otherwise, it is not possible to use the
sign in the prompt, the navigation helper, and the CWD-Module adaption.
A Python-2 version >= 2.6 is required.

Installing X-JHBuild
To install X-JHBuild and private versions of JHBuild [1] and Git-Python [4]
execute the following commands:
    $> git clone git://
    $> cd x-jhbuild
    $> make install
It creates ~/.x-jhbuild where it is possible to customize global aspects of
X-JHBuild. The '.internal' subdirectory is a temporary installation location --
files in there will be overwritten and possibly wiped out when updating
The main script must be accessible in PATH. It's located at:
There are useful shell helpers in:

If all you want is to quickly build all bleeding edge modules, just
navigate to a (possibly new) directory where you want to have all the sources
and execute:
  xjh init
  xjh build
If you want to build the xorg-server and all drivers, while following the
progress in a nice HTML log, execute the following:
  xjh tinderwrap start xorg-drivers

Get main help and a list of all X-JHBuild subcommands:
  xjh -h
Get a list of all JHBuild subcommands (this only works in an initialized
repository group):
  xjh help
All subcommands support the -h/--help options:
  xjh <subcommand> -h

This is work in progress and in particular the documentation will improve in
the future. Please use the references for more help. In particular the JHBuild
documentation [2] [3] will be helpful.

Old Mails:
There are some ancient mails which might give a bit of context, but
there is also a lot of obsolete information in them: