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gtkmm2.0 support

This new version X-Bc 2.0 is just the same as X-Bc 1.6.2 ,but supporting (i.e. depending on) gtkmm 2.0 .

Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2004-03-30

minor bug fixed

- minor bug in extensions.bc fixed (concerning bessel functions)

Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2003-01-06

major bug fixed

before, 100/2 leaded to the result 5, when "cut final zeros" option was turned on.
shame on me, but now it's fixed!

Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2003-01-06

new version: X-Bc 1.6

Happy new year everybody!!!

New features are:

- possibility to set input and output base
- hexadecimal numerals
- possibility to change the graphical frontend at runtime
- minor bug-fix concerning leading zeros

Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2003-01-05

version 1.4

sorry, I'm late ;-)

the only new feature in version 1.4 is the precision menu wich allows you to set precision ("scale") to a value between 0 and 1000)
Don't trust the last digit!! I'm working on a better procedure...

Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2002-12-18

new version 1.2

This version fixes a bug that appeared when you selected some text and overwrote it. Formerly the line was broken at that point, what is not the wanted behaviour.
Apart from that the bc files are copied to the correct directory in the configure procedure and has not to be done by the user.
The bc files are the same as in 1.0
Have Fun!

Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2002-11-22

new bc files

I put a zipped tar-ball called "bcfiles.gz" of the used bc-files on the server.
The only change is in file extensions.bc (the basic one) in function factorize(n): the return value is now 0 for n=0 or n=1, 1 for prime numbers and the number of primefactors for any other number. Before it was -1, 0 and no.of primefactors.
If you dont use this functio a lot you might not want to download it...

Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2002-11-06

First release!!!

The first release of X-Bc is out!!

please test it and mail me for suggestions, questions, critics etc.!!


Posted by Steffen Brinkmann 2002-10-21