#2 couple bugs, feature requests - fonts, background and indent

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first I'd like to thank everyone who has worked and
continues to contribute to the wyoEditor project.

There are few minor issues I ran into while using the
I am using version 2.3.3 on Wind XP

1. I am unable to set font correctly for scripts in
html/php syntax highligh. Anything in btw the
<script></script> tags is rendered with a font I cannot

2. The decrease indent doesn't work - the selection
gets just erased instead of the indent being decreased
- (increase works just fine).

3. I could not find a way to change the background
color of the editor. I was able to change colors of all
the fonts, but what if I'd like something less bright
than white background

Thank you,



  • Otto Wyss

    Otto Wyss - 2006-02-16
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  • Otto Wyss

    Otto Wyss - 2006-02-16

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    1. html/php syntax highligh
    Works, just go to the preferences/style types and choose a
    stlye e.g. "string" and change its color. The preferences
    and all strings should now have the new color.

    2. indent being decreased
    Works, just be careful about the cursor, increase/decrease
    is only possible within the white space in front of the
    text. If you have any text selected, use <HOME> else this
    text will be erased.

    3. white background
    True, I'll think about adding a background color preferences.

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