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Wyneken 0.5 Aluminum Released!

The Wyneken project is proud to announce the immediate availability of Wyneken 0.5 Aluminum. This is the first of several releases in the Wyneken 0.5 Series. Keep in mind that this is a development version and 0.4 is still the production version. That said, I hope that many of you will try Wyneken 0.5 and like what you see.

Why should you upgrade to Wyneken 0.5 Aluminum? What should you expect if you take the plunge? For all of these answers and more, please look at the release notes.... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2007-06-27

Wyneken 0.4_beta5 Released!

Wyneken 0.4_beta5 has been released. This release marks a good amount of work. Of Importance:

* Switching to gtk.FileChooser
* Ability to create man pages
* Improved menus/program flow
* Bug Fixes

Wyneken is a content-oriented text processor that makes your life as a student easier by allowing you to create and manage digital notebooks. Wyneken also allows you to create PDF presentations, letters, articles, and reports. Wyneken creates highly professional documents in PDF, DVI, HTML, RTF, and Ascii Text. Wyneken is not WYSIWYG but instead uses a very easy to learn markup which allows you to focus more on the content of your document rather than your document layout. It is built on top of LaTeX for professional looking documents.

Posted by karlabbott 2006-02-24

Wyneken Laptop Status

My laptop that I develop wyneken on has taken a tumble and died. I am currently trying to get the right connectors for the hard drive so that I can get the current wyneken snapshot and continue developing on it.<p>

Of course, without a laptop I am unsure of how fast development will go, as that was my primary development machine. However, I promise that Wyneken Development will continue as soon as I get access to the current snapshot. This is only a temporary issue.<p>... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2005-03-10

Wyneken 0.4_alpha2 Released!

The Second Alpha in the 0.4 series has been released. Among this release are several new styles for sections, one new chapter style, the start of the code for flags, and several bug fixes. The 0.4 series is pretty stable right now.

Posted by karlabbott 2005-01-11

Wyneken GUI 0.1 Released

Wyneken GUI 0.1 was released today. It is an easy to use GUI frontend to wyneken and wyneken-notebooks.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-12-02

Wyneken 0.3 Released!

Wyneken 0.3 has been released! Changelog is available at sf. Documentation was completed too! Wyneken-Notebooks has been folded into wyneken-0.3. Thus, you only have to download one package.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-11-30

Wyneken 0.3 Set to Roll Soon

If I had internet access on my development box right now, I'd release 0.3_rc1. However, I'm in a spot where I only have dial-up internet and my laptop has a winmodem. I also don't have floppy disks.

The documentation has been completed now!!

There is also another surprise on the way -- a piece of the puzzle that has come together in a last minute sort of way. It's extremely cool and is guaranteed to aid the way you use wyneken.... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-11-24

State of Wyneken 0.3

Wyneken 0.3 will be released soon. The first release candidate is busy being tested and a code freeze has been put in place. Wyneken Notebooks was not merged in to wyneken in time for 0.3, so look for that in the future.

0.3 is being prepared as a very solid release that will include full documentation. The development period for 0.3 has truly been monumental when you look at what has changed since 0.2. Wyneken is now starting to show signs of being a mature project, while still having room to go before it becomes mature. With Wyneken 0.3, the status on the Main Project Page will go to 5- Production/Stable, because at that point, 0.3 should be as good as a 1.0 release just without all the features I would like incorporated into 1.0.... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-11-18

Wyneken 0.3 News

Wyneken 0.3 has been delayed in terms of the release date more than I've wanted it to be. As a result, all sorts of things that were slated for 0.5 (cleanup of wyneken and splitting it into modules) have begun now. These things probably won't be completed until 0.5 though.

As a result of all of the modularization, Wyneken Notebooks will be merging into Wyneken. This will make things easier on everybody as it will mean only one download. I'm also looking at making Wyneken Notebooks usable in a single-user home directory installation. Currently, Wyneken Notebooks must be installed Systemwide.... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-11-09

0.3 Documentation Status

More documentation for 0.3 is written every week. This is the main thing keeping 0.3 from release right now. As soon as the documentation is released, wyneken 0.3 will enter the release candidate cycle. It probably won't stay there long before going solid. Once it goes solid, work on 0.4 should start.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-10-29

0.4 and 0.5 Plans Continue

0.4 currently has the following slated for it:

* Presentations
* Database Report Generator (First backend will be MySQL...maybe more to come)
* Image support
* Figure and LaTeX table support in the form of the wrap command.

0.5 is slated to be a maintenance release that will drastically change the layout of the code. As much of the text processing as can be done will be split out into modules. This will hopefully make for the easy addition of simple things into wyneken. Past this, I will be evaluating the whole project and seeing where it needs to go. ... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-10-29

Wyneken 0.3 News

Wyneken is nearing the 0.3 release. The only thing that is really left is to finish the documentation.

Wyneken 0.4 will be pretty neat. The first thing on the agenda is a simplification of the latex-beamer presentation package.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-10-25

Wyneken 0.2 and 0.3 News

Wyneken 0.2 went out the door on September 15, 2004 after no development and no documentation had been written all summer. The project had mainly stayed the same in the development branch. The tables code was fixed for the 0.2 release.

The exciting news though is that Wyneken 0.3 is around the corner. Among the new features it will include are:

* The ability to do Greek Text (no accents at the moment)
* Automatic Outlining (this is a biggie!! Think Microsoft OneNote....watch for details...)
* Glossary and Definition Support (this is pretty neat too...)
* Output to RTF, DVI, and PS support (Note the RTF! Thanks Latex2RTF team!)
* Document Templates
* Integration with Ispell/Aspell
* Various Bug Fixes (which hopefully don't introduce too many new bugs)
* DOCUMENTATION!! I really hope to get this out the door....wyneken has gotten pretty big to not have documentation.
* Proper location of the opts.py library
* Usage of an /etc/wyneken/wyneken.conf configuration file. (This is important because some people have the LaTeX based software installed in different directories.)
* Gentoo Linux Ebuild (Fingers Crossed on this one folks :) )... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-10-01

Wyneken 0.2 Release Nearing

Wyneken 0.2-beta2 was released today. I think that this will probably become wyneken-0.2. The documentation is still not written and getting the time to do that is what is taking so long. You can download the newly released wyneken-installer (at version 0.91 at the time of this writing) and grab wyneken-0.2-beta2 by following the instructions on the website for installing a development version of wyneken.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-06-10

Wyneken 0.2 in Development

Wyneken 0.2 is currently in development and will go back into active development on May 20th. The current development version is wyneken-0.2-alpha2 and can be gotten from http://www.99b.org/wyneken

I do not encourage anyone who is not beta testing the latest versions of gwyneken (http://www.99b.org/gwyneken-0.1-alpha2.tar.bz2) to download the development version of wyneken. For stable use, continue to use That will be probably be the last release on the 0.1 branch.... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-05-19

Wyneken Released

This is a bugfix release that fixes a bug with colons being passed where they shouldn't. From this bug, output of:


might produce:




which is wrong. This has been fixed in this release. I strongly urge all people to upgrade to this release.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-05-11

Wyneken 0.1.6 Released!

This includes bugfixes and the following new commands:




Please visit http://wyneken.sf.net/commands for more information on the list of commands in Wyneken.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-05-08

Coming Soon: 0.1.6!!

wyneken 0.1.6 should be released Monday, May 10, 2004. It will include bug fixes, namely:

* Fixed the problem with an automatic list not handling a command at the start of an item.
* Fixed the removal of all colons from a statement.

Added in this release:
* Easier document tag...simply type [document] for an article in 12pt.
* Font Selection....[font:helvetica] (selection is limited, but it's in there)
* Generate HTML ... based on HeVeA.... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-05-08

CVS not up to date

Do not get the CVS for Wyneken and expect it to be up to date. I have had some issues working with the sourceforge CVS setup and therefore do not have the latest stuff in CVS. When I get these issues resolved, I will maintain wyneken in CVS.

Posted by karlabbott 2004-05-04

Wyneken 0.1.5 Released

On May 3, 2004, a proof of concept release of Wyneken was released to the general public. This version, 0.1.5, has some known bugs which will be resolved in version 0.2. Version 0.2 will also be a lot more robust and more mature. Please download this release and play with it if you'd like to get a feel for wyneken. I'm currently using the 0.1.5 release for all of my LaTeX documents and it works like a charm.... read more

Posted by karlabbott 2004-05-04

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