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WyattERP version 0.30.2 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of 0.30.2 of Wylib and Wyseman. This release has only minor changes since 0.30.1, but fixes several issues and provides much better installation documentation; in particular, the wyseman/README.pg and wyseman/sample/README files.

Please direct all questions about installation, test applications, and ERP development to wyatterp-support@lists.sourceforge.net.

Thank you.... read more

Posted by Nathan Bell 2005-11-18

WyattERP version 0.30.1 Released

WyattERP is a set of tools to create customized, integrated ERP modules for small businesses. It has been developed and tested with the assistance of Action Target, Inc.

This new release features Wylib and Wyseman as separate entities. Wylib enables the creation of tcl/tk ERP modules that closely tie into the database model created and managed by Wyseman. Both tools can be used together or separately depending on individual company requirements. Currently PostgreSQL is the only supported database backend.... read more

Posted by Nathan Bell 2005-11-10