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wxVTK 1.4 is out !

* Fix wxVTK with VTK 5.0 and above (Timer API change)
* Fix SetSize on Windows (Thanks to Sander Niemeijer)
* Fix Cocoa bindings (Thanks to Tim Hutton/Andrew Trevorrow)

Posted by Mathieu Malaterre 2011-12-02

wxVTK 1.2 is out !

* wxVTK requires CMake 2.4.5 now. This should solve the issue for bug #1611004,
* Support wxGTK 2.8.0. wxGTK will now use wxWindow in wxGTK 2.8.0 and above. Thus you do not need to compile with opengl support anymore now,
* Fix compilation on wxX11 (Thanks to David Akers for report & patch).

Posted by Mathieu Malaterre 2007-01-31

wxVTK 1.1 is out !

* wxVTK requires CMake 2.4.4 now,
* Partial patch to support wxGTK 2.8.0 (thanks to Philip Schuchardt for report). But this is still not supported as they removed the empty default cstor: [wxGLCanvas: empty (default) constructor],
* Added wheel mouse support (Thanks to Philip Schuchardt for patch),
* Fix compilation on non-GTK (Thanks to Reinhold Füreder for report & patch).

Posted by Mathieu Malaterre 2007-01-29

wxVTK 1.0 is out !

* wxVTK requires CMake 2.4 now (CMake 2.4.3 suffers from bug #3582, at http://vtk.org/Bug/bug.php?op=show&bugid=3582\)
* Apply patch from Alexander Nip to fix the 'BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)'
* Some other minor fixes, I lost track of them, sorry :-P

Posted by Mathieu Malaterre 2006-08-04

wxVTK 0.8 is out !

Just to let you know I released wxVTK 0.8. Now works on Carbon. Some fixes for VTK CVS (vtkTestUtilities no more hardcoded paths !). Fix the resize problem on Windows (John Norris).

Ps: sorry Cocoa version not working

Posted by Mathieu Malaterre 2005-03-23

Update Summary page

I finally found a way to force sourceforge to display wxvtk-0.7 as the latest version instead of 0.2. A next release should goes out soon.

Posted by Mathieu Malaterre 2004-08-16

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