problem with wxMDIChildFrame

Don Radick
  • Don Radick

    Don Radick - 2008-12-31

    For my application I wanted to embed wxShapeFrameWork into a tabbed interface.  I found that this was not possible using the WX NoteBook because the NoteBook wants to hold panels and canvases, not frames.

    So I embedded wxShapeFrameWork into a MDI parent frame.
    Surprisingly easy, just derived myShapeFrame from wxMDIChildFrame instead of wxFrame.

    The only problem I'm having is loading a BMP or PNG from a
    a file.  Using your demo code (from sfdemo), the line that is failing is (Line 98 in FrameCanvas.cpp):
    pShape = GetDiagramManager()->AddShape(CLASSINFO(wxSFBitmapShape), event.GetPosition(), sfDONT_SAVE_STATE);

    or the alternative:
    pShape = m_Manager.AddShape(CLASSINFO(wxSFBitmapShape), event.GetPosition(), sfDONT_SAVE_STATE);

    Neither of these produce a valid pointer to pshape.
    No idea what the problem is.
    Any ideas?

    • Michal Bližňák

      I use wxSF with wxFlateNotebook and it works without any problem. You can also put a shape canvas into sizer located on some panel and use this panel together with wxNotebook.

      It is quit difficult to diagnose your problem with bitmap shapes from your post, but: did you set wxSFBitmapShape as an accepted shape type in a diagram manager? ( for example, did you use some code line like this one: GetDiagramManager()->AcceptShape(wxT("All")); or GetDiagramManager()->AcceptShape(wxT("wxSFBitmapShape"));

      • Don Radick

        Don Radick - 2009-01-01

        did you use some code line like this one: GetDiagramManager()->AcceptShape(wxT("All")); or GetDiagramManager()->AcceptShape(wxT("wxSFBitmapShape")); 

        Blush, sorry,  that was the problem.
        I had several AcceptShape lines in the frame constructor, but
        not the magic "All".

        I'd really like to see some examples using a NoteBook with wxSF, if
        you could share.

        Thanks for the support on holiday!


  • mcmajeres

    mcmajeres - 2011-08-06

    I was searching for an example that uses MDI and tabbed frames also.  Is there an example available that I can follow?



  • Michal Bližňák

    You can examine source code of my CodeDesigner RAD tool where the wxSF is used in tabs. For more info see


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