Compiling with clang and wxWidgets 3.0.0.

  • iwbnwif

    iwbnwif - 2014-06-09

    Hi, I have recently started clang as a compiler on Linux. wxSF builds and works fine with this compiler.

    With -Wall option there are a few warnings that are trivial to fix:

    GridShape.cpp:171:13: warning: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true
    ScaledDC.h:344:18: warning: 'wxSFDCImplWrapper::GetLogicalScale' hides overloaded virtual function
    ScaledDC.h:581:18: warning: 'wxSFDCImplWrapper::DoDrawPolyPolygon' hides overloaded virtual function

    The first just requires a test to be removed, the second two just require 'const' to be added to match the base class function.

    Unfortunately wxWidgets 3.0 has deprecated wxPEN and wxBRUSH macros, so there are quite a few warnings caused by that.

  • Michal Bližňák

    Thank you for the feedback. I have fixed the issues in accordance to your suggestion in the trunk.

  • iwbnwif

    iwbnwif - 2014-07-27

    Perfect, thank you it compiles fine now.

    I am thinking of creating a patch to remove the deprecated brush and pen constants in wxWidgets 3.0.1, but I am not sure of the best way to ensure that older versions of wxWidgets.

    Maybe it is necessary to have #ifdef's but it might get messy because some #define's have been replaced by enums which means changing method signatures.


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