wxPHP v3.0.0.2 Binary Builds

wxPHP is a php binding/wrapper for the cross-platform library wxWidgets which gives you the ability to develop desktop applications using php for windows, linux and macosx.

This announcement is to let everyone know that new binary builds are available for most popular platforms on the files section. The changes and fixes for this release are the following:

v3.0.0.2 - April 05 2014

  • Fixed wxInputStream::OnSysRead thanks to johannes from pecl. This
    functionality should be enough for loading images from phar files
    as described on issue #35.
  • Moving mac process transformation code to wxEntry (chrisnharvey).
  • Enabled some MacOSX specific wxApp virtual methods as requested by ydk2.
  • Modified bool wxApp::OSXIsGUIApplication() to return true by
    default if no user space side function is found.
  • Improved config.m4 and added initial support for macosx.
  • Fixed some segfaults on macosx due to newly introduced wxApp
    virtual methods which may be called with an uninitialized phpobj.
  • Added curl as another option to download wxWidgets from config.m4.
  • Improved wxExecute function.
  • Added macosx bundle icon.
  • also search for wx-config-3.0 (remicollet)
  • Type casted to void* on memcpy calls.
  • Added tool to generate Mac OSX bundles of wxphp.
  • Fixed mac osx segfault caused by incrementing the refcount on
    objects returned by static methods.
  • Renamed xml_parser.php to json_generator.php.
  • added the way to work with conflicting mode_t declaration needs
    some header in wx distro to be patched (weltling)
  • Removed template.rc (weltling)

v3.0.0.1 - March 09 2014

  • Added missing wxScrolledWindow methods by enabling wxScrolled,
    this fixes issue #30 and #32.
  • Enabled wxClipBoard::Get() and disabled gargbage collection of
    native_object on wxDataObject and its childs as wxClipBoard itself,
    which partially fixes issue #34.
  • Added verification of object parameter child types to allow method
    calls which where failing as described on issue #36. This also
    completely fixes issue #34, testing may be needed.
  • Updated README_MSW adding changes needed to prevent windows xp
    crashes as described on issue #37.
  • Enabled wxNonOwnedWindow::SetShape and fixed wxPrintDialog,
    wxPageSetupDialog inheritage.
  • Removed error messages that appeared when failing to call
    wxApp::OnInit and wxApp:OnExit.
  • Added proper type casting to wxMouseState.
  • Should fix and close #44 by doing proper type casting when calling
    wxKeyboarState methods from child classes.
  • Binded the missing wxAuiNotebookEvent event constants which closes #45.
  • Enabled more wxStyledTextCtrl methods.
  • Enabled inheritance of wxStyledTextCtrl from wxTextEntry as
    enabled some more methods.
  • Some fixes to the reference and interface generator as
    simplification of chdir() calls.
  • Initial work to support wxInputStream::OnSysRead in order to be
    able to load images with the wxImage(wxInputStream) constructor.
  • Fixed 2 memory leaks, one related to wxEvtHandler::OnEvent and the
    other related to the creation of new objects.
  • Fixed memory leak caused by not uninitializing the properties
    member of classes like wxPoint when they were destroyed which
    closes #48, also modified code generator to only add the properties
    code when needed which made the source and library more clean.
Posted by JGM 2014-06-19 Labels: php wxwidgets

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