For what it's worth, I have had great success using PAR to create standalone wxPerl programs for windows.  Typically I use something like:
pp -g -o foo.exe -i foo.ico
One thing that sticks out as strange is your statement "there isn't any Wx/, since Wx::Frame is defined in the DLL".  Even if the guts of a module are implemented in XS code and thus exist as a DLL, Perl still needs to have a module to load, even if that module contains nothing other than the following:
# pull in XS bits
package Foo;
require XSLoader;
XSLoader::load(Foo => '1.0');
AFAIK, there is no way to define a Perl package/module solely using XS.
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Subject: [wxperl-users] Problems with perl2exe and Wx

Hi, everyone.  I'm trying to package up a Wx program using Perl2Exe, and I'm experiencing some problems.  I saw (on the list archives) that a few other people have been using it without trouble, and I was hoping that someone might be able to suggest what I should do.

My application, which runs fine under usual Perl, refuses to be compiled by Perl2Exe.  It exits with an error saying that it cannot find Wx/  Of course, there isn't any Wx/, since Wx::Frame is defined in the DLL.

I've added "#perl2exe_bundle" lines for both Wx.dll and wxmsw242u.dll, but the Perl2Exe compiler still exits, saying that it cannot find Wx::Frame in @INC.  I don't even get to the stage of running my program!

I have to wonder if the problem stems from the way in which I've structured my Wx program:
So rather than having all of these packages defined within a single file, which appears to be traditional with WxPerl, I've put them into three separate files.  This hasn't had any negative consequences until now, but I have to wonder if it's causing me problems.

If anyone else has experience with Perl2Exe and Wx, I would greatly appreciate finding out what I'm doing wrong!  Thanks  in advance,