Mr. Abraham Normande
Lot 4521 Ilot 85 Koumassi 32
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire
Tel: +22508555161
Dear Sir,
Thanks in advance for your mail and attention in this matter. Please I want you to read this letter very well as to understand what is required of you. This letter is out of a genuine desperation to find a reliable partner in an unfolding transaction. I have been unjustly treated by my former boss in an earlier transaction, so I seek your help, attention and genuine co-operation to our mutual benefits and I believe that you will not let down the trust and confidence I am about to repose on you.
I was formally working as a junior executive in a consultancy firm. On the 30th of June last year, our company made a very big financial breakthrough when I was fortunate to be in contact with one of the greatest business Mogul of all time in West Africa in a seminar. We are talking about Alhaji Kouchari Diabate.The president of Kouchari Diabate Agro allied group farms. The owner of the biggest cattle, sheep and pigs farms in West Africa and The Biggest fish farmer. This is the man they call the food basket of Africa. His Cocoa, Coffee and Palm tree plantations are the biggest and his vegetable oil plants are located in the 16 West African countries.
our company made a very big financial breakthrough when we made contact with Alhaji Kouchari Diabate and began to supply him his cow medicines He had informed us about the huge amount of money he spends on the purchase of a particular but very important cattle medicine. Precisely, he buys US$4,500 per carton. He asked if our organisation can source for  a cheaper supplier.
We did market research and discovered that we can buy these medicine in Europe for US$2,000 per carton. We moved a proposal to Alhaji Kouchari Diabate, to supply him at US$4,200  per carton which they accepted. As these supplies progressed and my boss was doing fine, I requested my boss to give me my entitlement as he promised earlier.  He was so upset that he sacked me without benefits after a long time of dedicated work for him. Now my boss supplies this Business magnet an essential vaccine for his livestock at the price of US4, 200.00 per carton, and sometimes supply up to 2000 or 3000 cartons. I have called back to the Kouchari Group and informed them what happened between me and my former boss. I told them that I will introduce them directly to the Manufacturers of the vaccine from where my boss buy at the rate of 3,700 per carton. Briefly, I am contacting you because I have explained my plight to Alhaji Kouchari Diabate and he has stopped further dealings with my boss. Now I received a letter from the Kouchari Group, requesting two thousand cartons supply of this essential vaccine. 
The President of the Kouchari Group invited me to his Presence and I confirmed my word to him, and he promised me his confidence and to deal only with me if I can do this. HOWEVER, I INFORMED ALHAJI KOUCHARI THAT THEIR COMPANY WILL HAVE TO PAY IN ADVANCE BEFORE MY FORIEGN CONTACT WILL SUPPLY THE VACCINE TO THEM. Of which they have accepted provided that the vaccine is exactely what they have been using in their farms.
The reason why I contacted you for this deal now is that, I know where my boss uses to buy this vaccine in Europe. The Price of the vaccine is US$2000.00 per carton in Europe. I will need you to contact Alhaji Kouchari Diabate and inform him that you are the manufacturer of the vaccine and that you will sell to him at the price of US$3,700 per carton. You will inform him to make 80% advance payment as is the Procedure. He will not hesitate to make payments after negotiation and confirmation that you are capable to carry out the supply.
I hope you have understand the situation and what is rerquired. Please call me as soon as you receive this mail for more details.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Abraham Normande

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