Hi Wx-Perl users,
I tried to compile data/resource.xrc from Contrib/XRC demo.pl (Wx-0.15):
wxrc /v --output=resource.xrs resource.xrc
and got the error message:
07/25/03 16:06:24: Execution of command 'zip -9 -j F:\Perl\modules\Wx-0.15\demo\data\resource.xrs resource.xrs$filesave.gif resource.xrs$fileopen.gif resource.xrs$update.gif resource.xrs$quotes.gif resource.xrs$fuzzy.gif resource.xrs$resource.xrc' failed (error 87: the parameter is incorrect.)
The wxrc was compiled in a WinXP machine, VC++6.0.
The zip.exe (v2.3) was downloaded from http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/.
If you execute the "zip -9 -j F:\Perl\...." command without de 'resource.xrs$' prefix in the file list, the command
is ok.
To check the resulting resource.xrs, the XRC.pm (demo.pl Contrib/XRC) was modified by the lines :
use Wx::FS;
Wx::FileSystem::AddHandler( Wx::ZipFSHandler->new() );
$self->{'xr'}->Load(main::filename('data/resource.xrs')); # instead of old resource.xrc
Ok, it works!
Now, the question is:
Why the "wxrc /v --output=resource.xrs resource.xrc" did not work? My zip.exe is not ok? Is there another?
My test shown up that the 'resource.xrs$' prefix in the zip command is not necessary. Why wxrc put them?
Any workaround?
[ environment:
 Win XP Home, wxWindows 2.4.1, wxperl-0.15, VC++6.0,
 ActiveState v5.6.1 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread, build 632