A problem seems to have crept into wxPerl in the latest builds (2.7) code that used to work now causes an application exception in my DropTarget when I call ::GetData. The code that causes problems is:
 # create the composite data object
my $DataObject = Wx::DataObjectComposite->new;
$DataObject->Add( Wx::TextDataObject->new( $TextData ) );    # simple scalar
$DataObject->Add( Wx::Perl::DataObject->new( $PerlData ));    # hash ref
$DropSource->SetData( $DataObject );
If I change this to the code below I get no problems.
my $DataObject = Wx::Perl::DataObject->new( $PerlData );    # hash ref
$DropSource->SetData( $DataObject );
So it seems that the problem has been caused by changes that have affected Wx::DataObjectComposite. Is this possible?
There have been plenty of changes to wxPerl in the last few weeks so I thought I would pose the question.
Many thanks