#11 GCDC


As transparency doesn't work on windows with the native DC, I wanted to use GCDC class.
It would be nice to add it on the repository.
I tried to write a wrapper, in the C dll but got some linking errors : LNK2001 : unresolved external symbol.
Here is my code by the way (very short) : gcdc.cxx

#include <wx/dc.h>
#include <wx/dcgraph.h>
#include "wxnet_globals.h"

return new wxGCDC();
WXNET_EXPORT(wxGCDC*) wxGCDC_ctor_memdc(const wxMemoryDC& dc)
return new wxGCDC(dc);
WXNET_EXPORT(wxGCDC*) wxGCDC_ctor_windowdc(const wxWindowDC& dc)
return new wxGCDC(dc);


  • Harald Meyer auf\'m Hofe

    • status: open --> closed
  • Harald Meyer auf\'m Hofe

    ... I guess you tried to build WX.Net using the VC build projects
    with little adoptions to build with wxWidgets 2.9. The project currently
    only supports the stable branch 2.8.(12) but users told me that building
    with 2.9 is possible. However, I guess that you missed to add some
    static libraries to the linker flags. LNK 2001 is the ordinary
    "unresolved symbol" error. Please check your build project or
    makefile: Did you miss some library files that wxWidgets 2.9

  • Harald Meyer auf\'m Hofe

    Set to pending because some EMails has been necessary to understand the actual problem. Probably we have a build problem in conjunction with USE_GDIPLUS=1 and wxUSE_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT.
    I will replay this. Probably, USE_GDIPLUS will get the standard for the upcoming disgtribution.

  • Harald Meyer auf\'m Hofe

    • status: closed --> pending
  • Harald Meyer auf\'m Hofe

    added gcdc.cxx and gcdc.cs to the project (just committed). have been built with updated VS projects and WX.Net.Build.exe /config:Debug

  • Harald Meyer auf\'m Hofe

    • status: pending --> closed

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